Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Much Fun!

On Monday, Mother Nature blessed us with a little Winter weather.  We got about an inch of snow, but it actually made for very pretty scenery.  I am not a hater of Winter, but I really dislike below zero temperatures, and driving in the slippery white stuff.  So, this Winter actually hasn't been so bad in my book.  Don't get me wrong, I am ready for Spring, but I won't complain.

After the snow fell on Monday, we decided that since the temps were in the low 30s, we would bundle Carson up, and see what he thought of this fluffy white stuff.  This was the first time that Carson would get his snowpants, coat, boots, and mittens on to venture outside.  And, I must say, he looks a-dor-a-ble!  He tried his darnedest to walk at his regular pace all bundled up, but that didn't work in his favor.  He was slow moving, especially since this was the first time he would experience walking in his boots. 

We have a hill in our backyard that we decided to take a few trips up, and slide down.  It isn't a big hill, but it is a perfect size for our little Wee Lad to enjoy his first Winter sledding experience.

It's a good thing that we decided to go outside right away on Monday, because our hill is no longer completely snow covered!  Tuesday brought temperatures in the upper 30s-lower 40s, and it sounds like the rest of the week may follow suit.  With temperatures like that in Mid-February, I most certainly won't complain!

Carl and I had so much fun watching Carson explore outside in the snow.  We didn't stay outside long, as Carson's cheeks were turning red, indicating he was getting a bit chilly.  But, the smile on his face as he slid down the hill in his little tube was priceless!  I think we are all excited to do this fun activity again this Winter.  We will see if Mother Nature responds with our request for a little more snow, but preferably warm(er) temperatures so we can enjoy the outdoors.  I may be asking a bit much, huh?  Ha.

To sum things up.....we all had "Snow much fun!" on Monday night outside! :)

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  1. If I remember correctly Carson can say "snow" but he uses it for another word. Father and son look extremely handsome in their matching snowsuits. Nothing like the look of glee when little ones get a sled ride is there!