Friday, February 24, 2012


I think I have mentioned it before, but one of Carson's favorite things to play with right now, would be Pee-Low (Play-Doh).  We have a table set up in our basement "toy room" that is kind of designated to Play-Doh, and Carson spends a lot of time there.  And, the rug under the table shows the results of a 2 year old playing with this fun stuff.  That would consist of a lot of little dried up pieces of Play-Doh! 

And, I just couldn't resist sharing this picture!  Carl has a lot of fun playing Pee-Low with our little Wee Lad.  He got real crafty one day, and decided to make himself some glasses.  The look on Carson's face, and the fake laugh that he voiced was hilarious.  He was giving Carl the..."Umm, Dad, what are you doing?!" look, while trying his best to laugh (which came out super fake) and was a pretty good indication of...."I am not really sure what to think right now!"

Carson is obviously at that stage where he tries to repeat every single little move you do.  So of course he tried to mock Daddy and his cool glasses, but that ended pretty quickly.  I don't think he liked the feeling of Pee-Low on his face, so he stuck with his "Fun Factory" toy instead.

We have a lot of fun during the evening hours, and on the weekends with our Wee Lad.  It usually consists of doing or playing whatever he wants, but we are both just fine with that.  Because I think deep down inside, we have just as much fun as he does!

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  1. How great is that! Carson, you are one lucky Wee Lad to have a special place to play with Play-Doh. Most kids I've known have had the stuff slowly disappear to the garbage because of the crumbly mess. Good job Mommy to find a way to make the fun last.