Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Beautiful Saturday Morning

Last Saturday morning couldn't have started any better, even if I wanted it to.  Carson is a busy little body, and enjoys reading books, but doesn't actually sit down, and let me read them.  He is more interested in turning the pages, and going from one book to the next in about 3 seconds.

But last Saturday morning was a different story.  He has a new favorite book, called "Grandma and Me" and he loves it.  It is a flap book, and I think that is what gets him interested.  And probably the fact that there are only about 6 pages to this book, so he can usually sit still long enough for that.  He now will usually walk around, or go and search for his "Mama book."  

He crawled up on my lap, and sat there for the longest time while we read this book over and over again.  He now knows what is behind each flap, and will tell me with so much excitement in his voice, and he is so happy to belt out the fact that he knows what each item is.  "Grandma" (mama) is behind the door, "Cookies" are in the oven, "A red nightgown" (dress) is under the pillow, "Flowers" are in the garden, and "A big wet kiss and hug" is what Grandma delivers before they go "nigh-nigh."

I was on Cloud 9 as he sat on my lap for the longest time, and we read together.  Carson has always been a snuggler, and I love characteristic about him.  But this time, he nuzzled right in, and we had a little bonding moment that I will never forget.  I would ask "What is under the flap?" and he would look up at me with a smile, and respond with a little smirk on his face, that was clearly delivering the message of...."Duh Mom, I know this book by heart!"  Ha.

I am really enjoying and treasuring these moments with Carson as our only little Wee Lad around.  I will always make time for him, no doubt.....but I am trying extra hard to enjoy him to the absolute fullest.  I am taking in each little moment, because pretty soon he won't be our only focus.

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  1. Ohhh. I got real sad for Carson when I read your last sentence! I wonder if he knows that "Frannie" IS Grandma like in his favorite book. I was delighted to see the pictures of you and Carson.