Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 Years + 3 Months

Carson is another month older, and it is still hard to believe that we have a 2 year old.  I don't really know why, but it's crazy.  Time flies, which I am sure you all know, and agree with.

This month, Carson has a lot of favorites.  His new favorite moobie (movie) is by far Toy Story 3.  We have it recorded on our DVR, and it is the first thing he requests in the mornings (at 6:00 am!) the first thing he requests when we get in the door at nights, and he usually likes to watch it before bed time.  No, we do not let him watch it all the time.  But, it usually buys me some time in the mornings to get ready before Dad gets home from work, and we usually watch about 15 minutes of it before he goes to bed, to "wind" down a bit.  He knows all of the characters, and his favorites are Buzz and Woody. (Voody)  He gets so excited about each new character that comes on the screen, and will usually say what is to come, before it happens.  Because, well, we have seen this movie about a million times....and he has it memorized!

I am really enjoying looking back a few short months ago, and how things have changed so much.  When Carson turned 2, I mentioned in that post that I felt like things were rather tough with him.  But now?  Now I feel like things are so grand!  Carl and I are enjoying our little Carson so much at this age/stage.  I mean, we have always enjoyed him, and always will, but I think if everyone is honest, they would have to admit to a time they have struggled with their child(ren).  And right now, that is not us.  Things really seem to flow smoothly right now, and I love it!  Caron is a pure joy to be around, and I hate dropping him off every morning, and can't wait to get him every night.  He still has his whiney moments, and has even started to raise his voice back at us.  But, the times are getting few, and far between.

He is such a sweet boy, and has also shown some great leaps of maturing.  Take church nursery for example.  He has now made it through multiple church services, and this past Sunday was by far the best "drop-off" we have experienced yet to date.  He has yet to get down and play on his own, but he didn't cry when I dropped him off!  He actually wasn't even opposed to going to the lady that was helping in the nursery.  Now that is a huge step for us, and our little guy!  Makes me so happy, and proud.  And as a result, Carl and I both weren't worried during the whole service like we had been in the past, and were able to really focus our minds on the service. 

Carson also makes me so proud when it comes to using his manners.  He almost always says "please" and "thank you" (cank you") before/after receiving something.  It makes me so happy, and smile.  Our little guy really is listening, and soaking up the things we are trying to teach him.  He may not know all of his colors, or letters yet, but he knows when and how to say please and thank you! 

Carson's Stats:
      Weight: About 26 Pounds
      Height: We think about 33 inches tall
      Clothing Size:  12-18 Months.  Mostly 18 month stuff.  24 Month stuff is still too big, unless it is a "smaller" 24 month sweatshirt.  
      Favorite food:  Spaghetti-Os, Hot Dogs, Pasta, Bananas, Macaroni & Cheese, and Cheese

Last night, Carson had Carl and I holding back our laughter as we listened to him jabber.  Each night before we go to bed, we say our prayers.  Carson always folds his hands, and usually just listens as we pray, and then will say "Amen" at the end.  Last night he did all that, and then started say his own prayer.  It was so cute, and made me smile so big.  I finally asked him..."Carson, what are you thankful for?" and he answered with a lot of gibberish talk.  We could make out a few words, which included "Mommy, Daddy, Woody, Buzz, Dinosaur, and Puppy" and Carl and I were exchanging looks of being so proud, and yet we had to hold back from laughing.  It was so cute to listen to Carson pray on his own!
Carson is a constant reminder for us to remember to enjoy the small things.  I love that about his little soul, and I am beaming with pride from what he has learned in his short life.

We are excited to see what the next month has to bring for our little Wee Lad.  Each month brings something new, and I love that.  Each day is a new day, a new beginning, and a challenge to drive forward.  Challenge ourselves to take a leap of Faith, and trust.  I am challenging myself, personally, to try a few new things that I have either always wanted to do, or thought would be fun.  Stay tuned.

What are you going to challenge yourself with?  Take the next step forward, and go for it!   
Happy February!

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  1. I am so pleased for you that you've passed through some trying times with your wee one and can enjoy all of him once again. According to his stats, the name "Wee Lad" fits him well. And Toy Story 3 is one of my most watched movies to date as well. (Because of Landon Hall). I'll be waiting to hear what new challenges you want to try; I'm trying to memorize scripture the month of February. Thanks for your great them all!