Friday, February 3, 2012

Daycare Project

Everyday when I pick Carson up from daycare, I am always so excited to hear how his day went.  I usually ask the know--- how long did he nap, was he good, did he share and use his manners, how did he eat, etc...?

Some days Carson gets sent home with a "project" that he completed that day.  And I am going to be brutally honest with you.....I sometimes usually throw them away, because they are just scribbles on a paper.  Unless Jen helped him out, and actually made something, then I will keep it.  But the pieces of paper with scribbles on them usually get tossed, because as proud as I am of it, I can't keep everything.  (Carl may say differently, because he thinks I struggle with that area, and I am a hoarder.  Ha, what does he know)

Anyway......on Tuesday when I picked Carson up from daycare, I got the whole run-down of his day, and that was followed with..."You have to see what your son did today, all by himself!"  Goodness, what did he do?  Jen said she wrote a big "C" on a piece of paper, lined it with glue, and gave him some buttons to put on the glue all by himself.  She said she didn't help him at all, and he did an amazing job!  He followed the line so well, and the finished product is definitely something I am going to keep.  I was so proud of our little guy.  We immediately showed Daddy when we got home, and it was so cute to see Carson's face when he showed Carl the piece of paper.  It was like he was giving him the proud look of..."See Dad, I totally rocked this C, and I am pretty sure you should let me have donuts for supper because I did such a good job!"  Ha.

Here is a picture of the finished product.  You keep rockin' that "C", did an outstanding job, and we are very proud of you!

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  1. That is so much the keeper. How in the world did Jen keep the glue neat and from getting smeare all over everybody and everything? And I'm thinking that had to take Carson a long time so his attention span is getting greater. You are quite the dude, Carson.