Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prairie Du Chien

This past weekend, Carson and I headed to Prairie, while Daddy stayed home and worked.  We were really bummed that he had to work, but we decided to go anyway.

We spent Friday night, and all day Saturday with Grandpa Gary and Frannie.  We had a lot of fun, and spent some time at the pool.  We were going to head out on the river, but with Carson's nap and a little unexpected rain shower, we decided the pool was best. 

Carson is really getting acquainted with water these days, and I love it!  Carl isn't very fond of water, so I am happy to see that Carson is getting more familiar with it.  I have always said I don't want Carson to have the fear of water like his Dad, if I can do anything about it.

Carson is getting very brave around the water.  He always wants to go into the big pool, and that makes me nervous.....even if I am there with him.  I am much more comfortable with him in the baby pool.  He thinks he can touch in the big pool, and doesn't like assistance.  So, we try to stay in the baby pool, if at all possible.  He doesn't mind getting his face wet, or going under, which really surprises me---and, makes me happy.

I think we have a little fishy on our hands.  Not to mention........little boys in swimming trunks are pretty much to die for!

Carson also had a first while in Prairie.  His first time eating chicken off the bone!  Yum.  I think he approves.

We all had a fun little getaway last weekend, and hope to make it back a few more times yet this Summer!

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  1. Crayons, chicken, pizza - Carson is expanding his cuisine tastes. You are so right that swimming trunks are cute cute on him and you look pretty good in the pool as well. And thanks for adding a picture of Carson's beautiful Grandma. It starts my day off pretty darn good.