Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Carson is in love with cats and kittens.  I am pretty sure he has a magnet to them, and can spot them from miles away.

G&G Brouwer got a new mitten kitten, named Libby.  That poor kitten was bombarded with Carson's presence.  He is usually pretty gentle with animals, but gets really excited at the same time.  He chased Libby around for a very long time.  Under the table, behind the couch, through the curtains.....he was following her every move in an attempt to catch her.  He would get near, and she would either scratch or bite him, and he giggled.  Apparently he thought it was funny.

Carson finally got his paws on her, and she couldn't get away.  He was hugging her, but at the same time, choking her out.  We have to remind him that this kitten is real, not a stuffed animal.  He means well when he hugs, though.  Even through the pulling of the tails, hands full of cat hair, squeezing of the bellies, and choking-- he is our little sweetheart.  His excitement sometimes just gets the best of him :)

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  1. Oh so cute! Carson has Libby in a neckhold. I'm laughing at his arms all congloberated in order to keep his catch secure.