Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Fishy

This little guy of ours is becoming very acclimated with water, and I am loving it.  I am soaking up every minute that we spend at the pool, because the Summer is truly flying by.  I can't believe that August is creeping up on us, and will be here in no time.

Last night, we had a lot of fun at the pool.  Carson was very well behaved, and that makes me so happy.  We are really working on sharing, and playing nice with other kids.  He had to be reminded of those two things a few times, but did very well with listening.

During our pool time, we had to venture over to the big pool.  Carson has entered into the stage where he wants to do that the big(ger) kids are doing.  There are a few bigger kids that will float from the baby pool, to the big pool.  I think out of pure curiosity, Carson has to check out what this big pool is all about.  So, we made our way over there.  I go in first, and hold my hands out for him to come to me.  'No way, dream on, Mom.' what I am pretty sure he is saying to me, I just don't understand his words.  He wants to do everything himself.  He will see a big kid hold onto the railing, and walk down the steps into the pool.  So, he wants to do it too, and he tries.....ever so hard.  One huge factor in this scenario is...he can't even reach the railing!  He tries really hard, and goes down each step---by himself.  He goes down the first step, and second step, and the water is up to his throat.  He continues down the third step, and goes completely under water.  I grab him, and pull him up, and explain to him that he can't reach, and can't walk in the water like the big kids.  I was allowing him to go under water, in hopes that it may scare him a bit, so he would learn to not do it again.  Yeah.....right.  Good thinking, Mom!  He coughed a bit after I pulled him up from the water, with his eyes bugging out of his head, and laughes.  Ok, well.....that didn't really go as I had planned!  Ha.   

After our exploring time in the big pool, we made our way back to the baby pool.  My nerves calmed a bit, because I feel that he is much more safe in the baby pool.  He played forever, and I love to watch him splash, run in the water, laugh, and gain confidence in himself with the water.  I also enjoy myself, as I sit poolside, with my feet in water- that is the temperature of bath water.  And, the view I have is my little guy enjoying himself thoroughly---that is bliss. 

After we are finished at the pool, Carson grabs the towel, and tries to wrap it around himself.  I help him, and he holds the towel, and drags it to the van.  Such a cute sight to see! 

And, of course we have to make our way to T&L's, and get ice cream.  I think the pool, and ice cream go hand in hand.  It's a must have in our book :)

Carl got home from work this morning, and he got an ear full.  An ear full of, 'Carson loves the water!', 'He went under the water with no fear!', 'You should see our little fishy in the water!', 'I love to watch him at the pool!'......and so on.  I think I have Carl convinced that he needs to come with us sometime, and witness the fun we have at the pool for himself.  We ARE going to get him to have no fear of water after all....hopefully!  I told him I would give him swimming lessons, and I am sure you can about imagine 'the look' I got from him.  Haha.  Ok, enough on that topic.  Carl would have probably hurt me by now if he would see this before I post it.  :)

To conclude:  We love water.  We love the pool.  We are loving Summer!


  1. Giggle, Giggle, Giggle.I love the last picture with his big paws, big cheeks and big eyes. You did a great job chronicalling your visit to the pool. I'm serious, Ang,you could be a writer; think about taking some writing courses, maybe online or something. Keep your adventures coming-I like them all!

  2. What about "we love ice cream"....too cute, looks like you guys had a fun time at the pool!