Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ice Cream Dates

..........with the Wee Lad are nothing shy of the Best! 

I really enjoy dates with my little man.  He is, in fact, one of the only men in my life that I choose to go on dates with.  And, what is greater than an ice cream date, at the best ice cream joint in a 30 mile radius?!

Carson gets an ice cream cone...with nothing in it.  Just the cone.  And I usually get a plain chocolate cone, or a malt.  And, lately it's been a malt, because my little swiper of a date likes to drink some most of it.  He has to hold the cup, all by himself.  He is Mr. Independent, you know.  And, you can. not. touch the cup while he is holding it.  It is a secret, well known rule of his.  It took me a few dates to learn, but I am catching on quickly :)  Carson sits on the picnic table outside of the ice cream shop like a grown up.  Like, he has been doing this for years, and he knows just what to do.  Go inside, get your ice cream, smile at the girl as if you were flirting with her, go outside, and find a spot on the picnic table.  And, after we are finished, he will throw the cup away, and walk to the van.  This little one of ours is a smarty pants.

I think my favorite part of our ice cream dates-or any date, at that the conversations we have.  I feel like when we are "out" together, he just knows this is somethin' special.  He will talk my ear off while we are sitting there waiting.  And, I have no idea what he is saying, but he does!  He really gets into the conversation, gives me some crazy cute facial expressions, and will talk to me as if I know exactly what he is sayin'.  It is so darn cute, to say the least.

What a neat and special little boy that we have on our hands.  Ice cream dates, after bath time, in our pajamas----rank right up there on the chart of favorites.

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  1. SO AMAZING! I was living every moment of your ice cream date with you,,and the last line brought tears to my eyes. I remember well the bath times, pajamas and then a special treat. There is nothing sweeter than a bathed cuddly baby. Your dear story will warm my heart all day.