Monday, July 25, 2011

Carson Talking on the Phone

This is the latest video I got of Carson talking on the phone.  He has some serious conversations, but I never seem to get the Flip in time to get them recorded.  So, I am pretty excited that I got this one.

It is so darn cute to hear him chatter on the phone.  And, his new favorite word to say is "No"....and you will hear it a few times in this conversation of his.  He is too funny. 

I think my favorite part of him talking on the phone is how he tries to go hands free, and will hold the phone with his shoulder.  Do you think he has seen that a time or two before?  He is already trying to multi-task! ha.

Our dearest Carson, how are you even old enough to "talk" on the phone?  Our little Wee Lad is growing up way too quickly!  

1 comment:

  1. What precious moments you are capturing in order to chronicle Carson's young life and adventures. I cannot even express in words what hearing his sweet voice and seeing his bare toes does for my heart in beginning a new day. Joy for you. Joy for me.