Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Date Night

I am sure I have mentioned it before, but I love date nights with my little man.  He is always so good for me when we are out and about, and is always along for the ride---wherever that may be.  Don't get me wrong.....we sometimes have a few hiccups along the way, but he is a busy toddler....so that is to be expected. 

Last week, our date destination was Old Chicago, and a trip to Von Maur.  Carl brought home some rock-star coupons for Old Chicago, so we decided to use them before they expired.  Because, if you are anything like me, I let coupons expire...a lot!

Carson did so good for me at the restaurant.  He was busy, yes...but still very good.  He always has to check out his surroundings....just like any other kid his age.  The crayons kept him busy for about 2 minutes, and then they were old news.  So, we found other things to keep him busy.

He always has to put his own parmesan cheese on his pizza, and likes to drink water from his own cup, own straw, and do it all by himself.  By the end of the meal, his shirt is completely drenched, because he tips the cup....and shouldn't because of the straw, but that's ok.  It keeps him content, and I am all about that when I am by myself with him.

For supper that evening, Carson had a piece of pizza, with a side of crayon.  Literally.  By the end of the meal, most of his pizza was gone, and a chunk of the crayon was missing.  And, evidence proved where it went, as he had yellow pieces on his face.  He spit the crayon out after he chewed it for a bit.  I guess it wasn't as good as he expected it to be.  Ha!

After we finished supper, made a trip to the bathroom, and brought leftovers to the van.....we made our way to Von Maur.  I am a sucker for that store, as I worked there for a few years.  I do miss not knowing the "ins" for the sales.  We made our way to the shoe department, because it sucks me in every time.  We found a pair of sandals for Carson, and a cute pair of Robeez for Estelle!  And, come to find out...they are her FIRST pair of shoes.  Bonus!  Carson insisted on carrying the bag out of Von Maur.  That's my boy ;)

It was a fun evening had by all.  Carson likes to explore new places, and I love to watch him take it all in!

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  1. I'm certain you had the most handsome date of all at Old Chicago; the envy of every other girl there. My giggle for the day: Carson must have thought the crayon was part of the pizza. Now that's an interesting chew. You are doing a great job of broadening his world, Ang, keep up the good work.