Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Basketball Game to Remember

Children are amazing, in so many aspects of life.  Viewing the world through their eyes is absolutely priceless, and a lot of times---you can learn a thing or two.  Watching the happiness radiate from your child is something that you just can't deny, and can't not get excited about yourself.

We had one of these moments on Saturday night.  Something that seemed so little to us, was such a big deal in the mind of a 5-year-old little boy.  It really stops you in your tracks, and makes you think a little harder about the little blessings you have, and how fortunate you truly are.  Even if you get wrapped up in the everyday stuff, there are always the little things- everywhere- if you just take the time to stop and remember, or look.

On Saturday night, we took the boys to the A-P Boys Basketball Sub-State game in Cedar Falls.  Carson is big into basketball these days, and we thought it would be fun to take them to an actual game.  Carl and I were both nervous about the loud noises, the crowded gym, and the sitting part of it all----but we decided it was either now or never.  Because, after all, it was the last game of their season---before State.

The game was at the Cedar Falls High School.  It started at 7:00, and the doors opened at 6:00.  We knew it would be busy, and packed, but we just couldn't quite justify getting there at 6:00, to have the boys sit for an entire extra hour.  We arrived about 6:25---and scored rockstar parking. was packed.  As in, they should have shut the doors about 5 minutes before we even arrived.  There was not a single spot to sit, and the entire gym floor surrounding the court was full of people who were in our same boat.  We stood, because we had no other choice, and just hoped for either more seating to arrive, or something to open up.  They eventually closed the doors, which was a good thing.  We stood courtside, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I got a text from my sister-in-law stating she was sitting in the bleachers, and had room for one person.  I decided to take Wes with me, and sit down.  Holding an almost 3 year old, in a crowd of people, almost 35 weeks pregnant---wasn't necessarily my ideal definition of comfortable.  So I was extremely thankful she sent me that text.  Weston also loves his cousin Cassi, and he was so excited to see her.  He sat on her lap for most of the game, and I later found out he was taking 'selfies' with her during the game.  Too funny!

Carl and Carson stayed where they were--at the corner of the court.  The crowd along the court dwindled a bit, but not much.  There were numerous people who stood the entire game, because there was physically no where else to go.  Carl could see the entire game from where he was, and Carson was little enough that he got to stand in the front and not be in anyone's way.  Watching him soak up those basketball players was priceless.  His eyes were glued to the court, and he didn't move or talk much the entire game.

The game was a true nail-biter.  A-P Boys Basketball hadn't been to state since 2003, and they were playing New Hampton, the No.1 seed--which would determine who would make their way to Des Moines.  It was such a fun game to watch!  A-P ended up winning with only about 2 seconds left in the game.  They won by 2, and the crowd went wild.  Literally.  It was so much fun to see, and watch!  

Wes and I enjoyed the game from the bleachers, and we made our way back to Daddy and Carson with a few seconds left in the game, to guarantee that we were able to find them in the crowds of people.  We all watched the final seconds of the game from the side of the court, and cheered, and listened to the crowd go wild as it was confirmed that they were ON TO STATE!

We escaped out the side door, and beat the crowds that were all wanting to leave at the same time.  We got back to our car, and I finally got a moment to ask Carson what he thought of it.  His eyes were as big as saucers, and I could just tell he was almost speechless, and didn't even know where to begin.  He finally started to rattle off all of his thoughts, and put them into words.

He was all smiles, and said....."Mom, it was the coolest thing ever.  When I was standing there with Daddy, those boys on the team all gave me high fives!!  They did it soft though, so it didn't hurt my hand.  Isn't that cool?!"  I turned to look at Carl, and he smiled back at me, and confirmed the over-the-moon exciting news that our 5-year-old just delivered to us.  Through the eyes of this little boy, he just witnessed the coolest thing that just rocked his world, and it was simply that the A-P guys gave him high fives as they ran to and from the locker rooms.

Carl said it was so neat to watch, as he had his shy smile displayed across his face, as he slowly stuck his hand out, and smiled huge every time his hand got tapped.  He said he was in a zone, and there was nothing else that mattered to him at that moment---he was on Cloud 9!

Thinking about that simple (to me) example of something that makes someone so happy, it really makes me stop and realize just how many happy things I have around me.  My life isn't perfect, no---nobody's is.....but it is perfect for me.

Since that game, we have had 2 little boys who have been re-enacting some basketball moves that they witnessed that night.  I may not be over-the-top excited about it, as it involves jumping from the top of their bunk-bed ladder, but it is fun to see them try their best to be just like those "big kids."  (There is a reason why the boys look like a blur in this picture.  Yikes!)

I told Carl the other night-- as I tried my best to put an end to the jumping---that it was going to be one of 4 things that would be happening.  This was going to cause me to A) go into labor  B) Have a panic attack   C) Cause me to have high blood pressure or D) we were heading to the ER with one of them.  Thankfully, none of those have happened so far buuuuut, they also aren't done, nor have they fully listened to my request :)

Good Luck to the A-P Boys as they play at State on Monday night!  We are excited to watch the game, but probably from the comfort of our own home this time around.  The game doesn't start until 8:15, so we will update Carson in the morning about how those "big kids" did!

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  1. I don't even know how to comment on such a remarkable experience your boys had. There is an electricity in the air that they surely felt and then the constant action on the floor they had to observe and learn from. So exciting!!