Tuesday, March 10, 2015


.....it's a word used a few hundred thousand times a day at our house, as of late.  Carson is constantly trying to form a 'team' and play basketball in his room with that little plastic basketball hoop that I am so thankful we decided to get him.  If he isn't successful in forming a team, he will usually resort to shooting around by himself.  But he will eventually get you into the room, and do an instant replay of his shot.  Slow motion, narrating everything.  You stand and act extremely interested (because you are) but then kind of scratch your head when he ends up half the time on the floor.  What is it with little boys, and rolling around on the floor?  I mean, we are playing basketball (or any other sport) and he is constantly sliding/falling/crawling/rolling all over the floor.  We laugh, and just look at each other with a puzzled look, as we continue to watch his instant replay that is still taking place.

I have decided that I think I need to just be done watching all of the boys in the house play basketball.  At first, I thought Carson had some pretty interesting ideas or moves up his sleeve.  But now?  I am pretty sure their Daddy is not a good influence.  That is him, on all fours, on the floor, encouraging them to do some sort of sweet jump shot off his back.  Seriously?  I think my blood pressure (or stress level) is going to go through the roof one of these days!

Now that the weather is getting nice (hello 50+ degree weather!!  Hallelujah!!) the basketball game has moved outside to the garage.  The space is much larger than that of the bedroom, and there is so much more room to slide all over the garage floor ;)  ha.  Carl modified a hoop for the boys, and they have been loving the fresh air, and nice weather so far.

Speaking of basketball----the A-P Boys Basketball team played their first game down at the state tournament last night, and won!  They won by 15 points, and are now moving on to the semi-finals game, which will take place on Thursday at 2:00.  Last night's game didn't start until 8:15, and although Carson wanted to go, we decided to stay home and watch it on the computer/tv.  I think we will be attending Thursday's game, and I am excited to watch them play, and see Carson's reaction to it all.  I remember going to the state basketball tournament with my Dad when I was younger, and I hope these are the memories that Carson holds on to, and stores away forever!

That little Weston, he is quite the little stinker these days.  The boys were so tired, that they didn't get to see much of the game before we put them to bed.  They are early risers, and combine that with a long day, and some fresh air----and they just can't hang ;)  But have no fear....little Wes man was up about 1/2 hour after we put them to bed.  Carl says I am way too much of a softy, and I give in all too easily.  Of course the first thing I asked was if everything was ok, and if he just needed a little extra snuggle time.  He responded with an extremely pathetic and whimpering "yes."  I scooped him up, and we snuggled for a little while.  I quickly figured out that he was totally working me over, and he knew it.  He was clearly wide awake, and just didn't want to go to bed.  He was bouncing all over the couch, had his sunglasses on, was making funny faces/noises, and was giggling away.  He wasn't ready for bed----silly us for thinking that.  ha!  I thought it was kind of fun to have the one-on-one time since we were up, and watching the game anyway.  Carl, as you can tell, wasn't all that impressed.  

Good Luck to the A-P Boys Basketball team!  I doubt we will get any high fives from the players this game, but I am anxious to experience this exciting game with the boys! 

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  1. I had to literally laugh out loud at the picture of Carl, engrossed in the ballgame, and Weston laying beside Carl with green sunglasses at probably 10:00 pm.