Monday, March 9, 2015

The Weekend

I can't even begin to express my excitement when it comes to describing that first weekend that Spring finally decides to show its face.  It's lovely.  Absolutely lovely.

We had a great weekend as a family.  Friday night we went bowling with Mike, Monica, Cassi and one of her friends in Dumont.  It is a small bowling alley-- 5 lanes, but such nice people, and definitely one we will re-visit.  The crowds were small, the pizza was good, and everyone had a great time!

The boys love bowling, and we haven't gone in a long time.  It has been on our "Winter list" but we just haven't gotten around to it.  My family was going bowling on Saturday night, but we weren't able to join them in the fun, so we decided to go on Friday night instead.

I just love to see the boys smile, have fun, and giggle.  A night full of waiting your turn can be so tough for an almost 3 year old!  But when no melt downs occur, and they listen when we say it is time to go---that is considered a win in my book :)

The boys did most of the bowling themselves.  We all sat and watched waited as their balls would roll very slowly down the lane, and eventually knock over a few pins.  It was a night full of slow motion, but they stood there until they could see the end results, and would jump in excitement!

We all had so much fun, and I am glad we decided to go.  The boys are still trying to re-enact their sweet bowling moves, and telling us all about it.....which is a good indication to me that they had a lot of fun! 

Saturday night, we had some friends over, and the boys had fun with a little girl in the house.  Carson was so very sweet with little Madilyn, and we discovered quickly that Wes needs a little help with the "gentle" part of just about everything.  He was sweet as can be when it came to getting a baby toy for her, but the problem was....he threw it at her.  We would emphasize the gentle part, but he didn't quite get it.  Maddie cakes (as the boys call her) is very mobile, and definitely wanted everything that Wes holds very near and dear to his heart---his puppy pillow, and blanket.  We had a few talks about sharing, but it didn't seem to get us anywhere.  So, we tried our best to distract her with other things (ANYthing but those 2 things!) and she seemed to fall for it every time.  Phew :)

Lizzy came over that night with Madilyn to help me with the next step in my big crocheting project.  We had all of the granny squares done (25!) and now it was time to crochet them all together, and watch the bumper pad come together. (eeeks!)  We got them all crocheted together, and now the rest is left up to me.  I am adding a white border around the outside of them all, which is a big project.  I am thinking I will want 3 rows around the entire outside, which is going to take me some time, but I am in LOVE with how it is turning out!  I am so thankful for Lizzy, and her patience with me as she teaches me to crochet.  Now my problem is---I am finding a bunch of things I would like to make, but I am struggling to find the time to learn that particular project.  Not to mention, I feel I need to step up my game, and skill level, to do some of these things.  I continue to tell myself it will come, and I am just beginning.  Instant gratification at its finest :)  

Sunday was such a beautiful day outside!  The temps hit around the 50 marker, and we spent the entire afternoon outside.  We did church, had lunch at Mom's, and then headed home and got some things done outside.  Carl worked in the garage, the boys didn't leave his side as they "helped" and we got both of our vehicles washed and cleaned out.  And I mean, cleaned out.  The van was an absolute disaster.  It was loooong overdue for a cleaning, but it just never seemed to get done, and I didn't really want to do it in freezing cold temperatures.  Yesterday was the perfect day to get that task done, and with our weekends coming to an end before the little lady arrives, I was so excited to get it done.  Every. single. thing. got removed from that vehicle, and either got thrown away, put away, or found a home in the van if that's where it needed to go.  The seats got scrubbed, the floors vacuumed, and the car seats re-arranged.  Carson is so excited about being able to sit in the "way-way" back now.  I am not sure if I am quite ready for that move yet, but ready or not-- it needs to happen.  There is something so freeing, and such a great feeling after having a freshly, thorough, clean vehicle!  

I sadly didn't get any pictures of the boys playing outside yesterday on the beautiful March day.  I was too busy going crazy with the clorox wipes ;)  They definitely had a lot of fun, the fresh air was amazing, and they were completely soaking wet, and muddy.  They both decided it would be a good idea to trudge through the snow, jump in water puddles, and play with the little bits of brown grass that appeared just yesterday.  I smiled, because those are all signs of numerous happy things---giggling happy boys, Spring, and fresh air!  There is still plenty of snow that needs to melt, but I have a feeling a lot of that will take place this week with multiple 50 degree days!  

Carl and I are really soaking up our family of 4, and our time with just the boys.  The end is coming soon, and while I am very ready to no longer be pregnant and breath again---I am trying my best to enjoy the time with just them.  I am paying extra attention to the details, and trying to soak every little tiny bit of them up!

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  1. Hilarious - naked butts. You captured a picture that conjures up a hundred imaginations of what their conversation was. Lol.