Thursday, March 5, 2015

35 Weeks

Today I am writing the 35 week pregnancy update and the calendar officially says it is March.  Which means.....NEXT month is BABY month!!  Insert me doing a happy dance about that statement right here.

I feel we have made it to the home stretch.  We are in the final weeks, and I can see an end in sight.  March has arrived, and although the temps haven't screamed Spring quite yet, I see a 10 day forecast ahead of us that displays a 50 in it. Woohoo :)

The baby's room is pretty much ready, and I would say that if she came tomorrow, we would be ready.  I have her bag packed, because I am just that excited.  I have a few more things I would like to get done before she arrives, but none of it is absolutely crucial.  They will get done, as I am determined that the warmer temps will bring a little boost of energy for me.  Or, ya know, I can at least hope that anyway.  I mean, the windows will be opened, and fresh air will be flowing through the house---that has to bring some extra/added energy to my body :)

I can no longer see my toes, as the belly has taken over.

I am trying my best to stay active, and trying to do some low(er) impact workouts.  The pain hasn't necessarily gone away from my pelvic bone area, but I am trying my best to power through it.  I am really hoping that staying active will help aid in my recovery this time around, so I am hoping it makes a difference.  Time will tell with that one.  

Carson is absolutely in love with hugging, talking, and reading to his baby sister already.  I hope I don't ever forget the special bond they had before she was even born.  Weston isn't into it as much, and with every hug Carson gives, Wes responds and comes up and slaps my belly.  It is kind of funny, and makes me smile---as that is so their personalities.  Carson is the big softy, and Wes is so rough and tough (but can snuggle like you wouldn't believe!) I refer to this daily happening from Carson the "daily hug down".....and it happens multiple times a day!  It is so sweet, and he is always so happy, and smiles so big as he talks to her by first name.

Here is to week 36.  And 2 week appointments.  And Spring like temperatures.  And another weekend to attempt to get things done.  And soaking up the boys for the last few weeks that we are the Brouwer 4.

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  1. I can't believe I didn't comment on Carson hanging on to that striped baby bump! But it is a very silly picture and one that you MUST save for him to see when he's 16!!!