Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby Shower

This past Saturday afternoon, my friend Caryn put on a baby shower for this precious little girl who will hopefully be joining us in the next few weeks.

The shower was absolutely perfect.  It was a "tea party" theme, and everything was great!  Her mother-in-law helped her with the food, and everything was delicious.  Peach tea, chicken salad croissants, fresh fruit, and homemade individual cheesecakes.  So yummy!

Another fun thing that Caryn did was had an entire table set up to make the baby a headband.  She had a bunch of different accessories, elastic strands, bows, flowers, etc. and 2 hot glue guns plugged in so people could make a hairbow/headband for the baby.  Then, after they were done, they could attach a little note to it, and write who it was from.  I thought this was such a neat idea, and I loved looking through the basket of "pretties" and seeing the different creative ones that people put together!  So much fun, and such a creative/practical gift.  I can't wait to see little girl Brouwer display some of these headbands :)

We are so blessed with such generous family and friends who are already spoiling our little girl!

I of course was busy at the shower, and didn't get near as many pictures as I would have liked to.  I also made the mistake of not asking someone to take pictures for me.  Such a bummer!

I feel so spoiled, and extremely thankful for this special Saturday event.  Especially since this is our 3rd child, I did not expect a all!  So it was a very sweet and special surprise.

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  1. That is a special gift Caryn gave you and beautiful as well. So glad you got the pictures you did so I could catch a glimpse of it. Lot's of cute clothes received?