Thursday, February 26, 2015

34 weeks + Snow Day

We have made it to 34 weeks in this pregnancy, and with that brought a lovely snow day at home with my boys.  I know my days are numbered with only them, so I am trying to soak them all up.  In between the nausea, and not feeling the best----of course.  They are both so sweet and understanding, and it breaks my heart to hear them say they don't like it when I don't feel well.  I smile, hug them tight, and kiss them all over the place.

This little one's hair is absolutely crazy, and I love it!  This picture was sent to Daddy saying..."Crazy hair don't care"  haha.  I just can't get myself to cut it........

This is 100% accurate as to how I feel this little girl is positioned right now.  And right rib is a punching bag.  And?  She is collapsing my lungs at every somersault she does, I swear :)

We got about 8 inches of snow yesterday, and while I am looooonging for Spring, I do love to see the boys get so excited about it, and have so much fun outside in that white stuff!  They love being outside--no matter the temperature or conditions--and love to help their Daddy.  So yesterday was a win-win for everyone involved.  Carl was blowing snow, Carson was trying his best to be of some help, and Wes was taking the snow from the piles, and putting it back on to the driveway and sidewalk.  Literally a 2- steps- forward- and- 1- step- back kind of situation we had :)   

We are almost to March.  The sun is shining.  Spring is 22 days away.  And warmer weather is on its way!!  I am ready to kick this Cabin Fever good-bye....for good! 

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