Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wellsburg Daze

Last Tuesday evening we spent another night sitting on the curbside, catching candy, watching floats go by---watching a parade.  We spent the evening in Wellsburg, and had so much fun.

Carson was busy watching all the floats, cars, trucks, and tractors pass by in front of him.  He picked up some candy, and yet again, left the rest for Mom to pick up.  We walked away with another huge bucket of candy.  He ate some of it at the parade, and we brought the rest home.  And, somehow, someway, the little stinker snuck some of the candy to bed with him that night---because we found wrappers in his bed the next morning!

Frannie soaked up all of her grandbabies that night.  She is in high demand these days, and I don't think she would have it any other way.  She's amazing. 

This would be my attempt with my two precious boys.  Carson is clearly more interested in the parade, than taking a picture with his Momma and Brother :)

My precious littlest Wee Lad.

Natalie enjoyed her very first sucker that night.  She seemed to love it.....which is her attitude about pretty much everything!  She is such a precious little girl. 

It was a gorgeous night for a parade.  The weather was perfect, and there wasn't much wind....which makes a perfect combination for even the babes to enjoy the outdoors. 

I got a few pictures of Kaylee with her eyes open!  She is such a doll.

Weston thought the parade was pretty fun as well.  He is such a happy and smiley little guy.  And, he has one killer smile, that will melt your heart instantly! 

We all had so much fun together--enjoying the scenery, and the weater outside.  It was a perfect way to spend a Summer evening. 

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  1. I love to enlarge the pictures on the screen and see every drool, every whisp of hair, every dimple and the look of wonderment in their eyes. Loved this blog especially cuz of nostalgia - My Home Town. Great shot of G&G Weichers' house, too.