Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aplington Days

Last Tuesday night, we spent the evening outside, sitting on the side of a curb, watching a parade.  We caught candy, looked at all of the floats, tractors, and people pass by---and loved every minute of it. 

Aplington seems to put on a good parade every year, and this year it didn't disappoint.  Yes, it's a small town parade, but it's about an hour long, and the entries are always fun to look at. 
Carson thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He was very content with just looking at everything that passed by us.  He caught on to the candy business rather quickly, though.  He was quick to open the good stuff, and quick to share some as well.  Uncle Chris loves the frooties, so we tossed him some, and shared the mints with Great Grandpa Sents. 

Carson loved to watch the big tractors as they rolled on by us.  He was also very facinated with the horses!

Weston sat back a little ways with Daddy, but he didn't mind the parade either.  He was content as can be just looking around.  His surroundings were obviously different, and definitely something new to look at.

We sat by G&G Sents, Aunt DiDi and Natalie, Frannie, and Uncle Chris, Aunt Kasey, and Kaylee.  Carson and I were put on candy patrol, and I felt like it was a full time job!  Carson helped with some, and I picked up the rest.  And, the people in the parade don't stinge on throwing out candy.  I was busy the whole hour! 

After the parade had ended, we headed to the park for some more fun.  Last year Carson loved to ride on the little cars that continuously go 'round and 'round.  So, we took a stab at it again this year.  It took a little convincing, but he did get on, and seemed to enjoy it.  He even reeled in a cute little blonde girl to sit by him.  Score :)

And this is the picture of him from last year.  A little flash back of the same place, and same car!

Carl and I enjoyed hanging out in the park, and seeing/talking to people we haven't seen in a while.  A lot of the people have kid(s) the same age as us, which will be so much fun to have them be in school and activities together. 

It ended up being a beautiful night out, and we all enjoyed the evening together.  It sprinkled for a little while right before the parade started, and then the sun came out--- making for a wonderful evening.  What a splendid way to spend the evening in our Small Town U.S.A.

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