Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Rambling

I have some fun pictures/memories that I would like to post, so I thought I would compile them all into one post.  They are all random, and in no particular order, but all pictures that have significant meaning to me, or ones that I just don't want to get lost in my phone/camera.  So, I will post them here!

Let the random post begin.......

Carson loves to watch his Daddy do anything and everything.  He is usually right by his side, and wanting to help---but not during the task of mowing.  He has to watch Daddy from inside, which he is always super bummed about. 

This picture makes me smile.  He was sooo tired, but there was no way he was going to go down for a nap while Daddy was still outside mowing.

These pictures are from a few months ago I believe, but I don't think I ever posted them.  This little guy loves to go grocery shopping with me, and help me do some shopping.  So, I decided to grab his shopping cart, and away we went to go get some groceries.  He was so proud to place items in his own cart.  He is such a big helper! 

Carl and I went on a real date last weekend, and it was amazing! We hadn't been on once since before Weston was born, which had been over 5 weeks prior to that evening....and we were both SO excited to spend the evening together.  Just the two of us.  It was so much fun!  We did a little shopping, went out to eat, and ended with a movie.  I still get so giddy to go out with this handsome man of mine!  Carson was with Frannie and Grandpa Gary, and Weston spent the evening with Aunt DiDi.  A huge thanks to them for watching the boys so we could spend some time alone together! 

Kicked back and relaxed at the movies.

Weston still thoroughly enjoys bath time.  I love to soak his little body in suds, and watch him relax.

Carson still continues to struggle with giving his brother some breathing room.  We encourage him to get involved, and love on his brother.....but goodness.  Brother sure knows how to get up close and personal!  Ha.

Weston has some killer big blue eyes, and a stunning smile-- that is contagious.  And, he sure knows how to flash that cute smile of his!

Carson has been getting into things he shouldn't be lately.  Now that we are a little busier around here with Weston, Carson has been taking full advantage of us not being able to watch his every move.  We have now learned our lesson (the hard way) that if Carson is really quiet for a few minutes, you better be checking on him!  Insert picture of Carson full of baby powder.  One plus:  his bedroom smelled baby fresh :) 

And, climbing into Weston's bed!  This crazy little boy is the definition of a monkey. 

Weston......just plain cute.

The boys and I usually have a "date night" every Tuesday while Daddy is at golf.  And, we usually make our way to the park, per Carson's request.  Carson has so much fun there, and I enjoy watching him enjoy himself.

Carson......the cutest puppy you ever did see.

Carson loves to dress and put a diaper on his bear, just like we do with Weston.  We know he is soaking everything up while he watches our every move, but as Carson gets older, he is getting more and more "accurate" with a few things.  Like....putting a diaper on his bear.  He has done this for a while, but it never really turned out the way it was supposed to.  But now?  This Wee Lad of ours is a pro!  Carl and I were so impressed with Carson's work when he brought us his bear.  He put this diaper on all by himself!  He is going to make a great Daddy some day. 

Carson has this strange and silly obsession that I need to blog about, because I don't want to forget it.  He is obsessed with lights.  It doesn't matter what kind of light it is, he will point it out.  And, usually at the strangest times.  One light in particular that he loves, is the garage light at Grandpa and Frannie's house.  I know, it sounds silly, but this boy can't get enough of it.  Last weekend he was taking a nap at their house, and the first thing he did when he woke up from his nap, was walk out to the garage to check on the light.  He has also figured out that it will automatically shut off after so long, and you have to walk in front of the sensors to turn it back on.  So crazy, and silly!

This is a picture of Carson's latest masterpiece.  Pretty impressive, huh?  Don't ask me what it is.  All I know is that it kept him quiet, content, and in one place for about 5 minutes while he did this on my phone.  And that is a success in my book!  Haha.  Carson is really smart when is comes to electronic much so that it is almost scary!  He can work our phones like it is his day job.

I think that sums things up.  That is all I have for my rambling.  I am sure there will be more random posts to come!  We are getting ready for a fun weekend with our toes in the sand. Can't wait! 

Happy Thursday---almost Friday---almost weekend!   

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