Monday, June 11, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was a much needed get-away for our family.  It was splendid for everyone, to say the least. 

Carl and I had decided that we were all due for some time away from home.  The last time we spent any time away from our little home was when we spent a few nights in the hospital.  So, we were ready for some fun!

We spent the weekend with my parents in Prairie Du Chien.  And it was so much fun. 

We got up there on Friday afternoon, and the weather was really goofy.  Mother nature didn't know if she wanted to shower us with rain, or bless us with sunshine.  So, she did both.  And, in between the showers, Carson took it upon himself to grab a drink of water.  Silly boy!

Saturday we spent the day on the water, and landed on a sand bar.  It was a chilly day out, but that didn't keep us away.  We all had fun, regardless of the freezing cold water, and lack of sunshine.  We did decide it was time to head back when Carson was turning purple, and his teeth couldn't stop chattering.  He didn't want to leave, though.  He had so much fun in the sand.  Natalie was also introduced to the sand for the first time.  She doesn't care for the feeling of grass, but didn't make a fuss about the sand!  She even got a taste.  That makes me cringe just thinking of sand in my mouth!

Sunday was a much nicer day, with beautiful weather.  We headed out on the water again, and parked in Garnet Lake for the day.  Carl and I got fried.....which is probably an understatement.  Our skin was still shedding two weeks later. 

We headed back home on Monday, and said good-bye to the wonderful Holiday weekend.  We all had a blast. What an amazing way to kick off our Summer!

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  1. It looks like a great place to spend family time - and because I'm fearful of water I have to add: Trusting that Safety first is always the motto. Thanks for the pictures, Ang. All very dear and appreciated.