Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First "real" bath

Weston is not a huge fan of being naked.  But then again, what baby likes to be cold and naked--right?  So, sponge baths were not all that fun.  He generally screamed for most of it, and was waiting to be snuggled up after his bath.  I couldn't wait to lather him up with lotion, make his skin feel so smooth, and smell all baby delicious like. 

At the young age of 2-1/2 weeks, Weston was given his first "real" bath.  The first bath when he was submerged in water, and he loved it.  No crying.  No screaming.  Just pure water fun. 

I really hope that him liking his bath is linked to him loving water in general.  Carson loves the pool, and I hope that his little brother follows in his footsteps.  There is a lot of fun to be had with water in this handsome little guy's future! 

I love to suds his little body full of soap, snuggle him in his cute little Weston towel, lotion him up good, and dress him.  Bath time is now a lot of fun for everyone involved!

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  1. Yahoo and good for you!:) Glad bathtime is fun for everyone.