Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Weekend Spent in Praire

Last weekend, we spent the weekend in Prairie with the boys.  And, it was an amazing get-away.  I feel like we sometimes just need a little time away from everything, to rejuvenate our lives, and to keep us going.  This weekend delivered just that, and it was wonderful.

We loaded up, and headed out on Friday.  It was a gorgeous day out.  We hung out, unpacked, and then headed down to the little pond area a little later that afternoon, and I had some fun with the camera.  Carson had fun in the mud/water.  And Weston was just along for the ride.

On Saturday we headed out on the water.  The weekend's forecast said:  90 degrees, and very humid.  We decided that we either need to be by water, or inside for the order to stay comfortable.  We headed out on the water at 8:30 that morning, in order to get a spot on the sand bar.  The water was extremely high this past weekend, which makes for sand bar finding slim pickins. 

We were the first ones on the sand bar, and Carson dove right into the sand.  Carson loves to ride on Papa's boat, and dig in the he thoroughly enjoyed himself that day.  It was gorgeous out, and not a bit cool for being 9:00 in the morning.  That's a really good indication it's going to be a hot day. 

Weston was also able to join us on the boat that day.  His first boat ride, and he didn't mind a bit!  I hope that trend continues for years to come. 

We all had so much fun on the sand bar on Saturday.  The sun was hot, the water cool, and Carson had so much fun playing in the sand.  Both boys actually ended up taking about a 3 hour nap that day on the boat in the shade.  And with that being said, I would consider Saturday a huge success!!

I love this view.  The great big Mississippi.  A wonderful cruise on the river!

On our way back to load up, this is the view I had.  It was such a precious moment.  Father/Son bonding at it's finest.  Carson was pointing out the birds and feeling the water, while Daddy pointed out a fish here and there.  And, the funny/ironic thing about that is.....the word fish and bird sound the same in Carson's vocabulary!  Haha.  I have been meaning to document that fact for a while now, because it is so funny. 

We loaded up the van, and headed home Sunday morning after Daddy and Papa got a round of golf in.  The weekend away was so much fun.  And, an added bonus for this Mama?  My Mom got up with Weston Saturday night, which gave me a FULL and good nights sleep!  Thank you, Frannie!

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  1. Wonderful seaside pictures for they detail fun in the sun. What a good papa you guys have to speed you around in his boat-sounds like you get Pampered in Prairie!