Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is one of my all time favorite Summer things.  I absolutely love the taste of it.  We received some from G&G Sents tonight, so decided to give it a try.  And, it was super delicious!  Carson was a big help when it came to husking the corn.  He was very intrigued with the ears of corn, and what he was supposed to be doing with them.  He watched me, and followed suit.

And, we approve of the delicious tasting corn!  Carson dove right into it.  It was so cute, and funny to watch!

 Carson is a true sweet corn eater.  Me, on the other hand....probably wouldn't be considered one.  I cut the corn off the cob.  I am convinced I have done this ever since I had braces, about 10 years ago!  Oh well, it all tastes the same, right?!  I sure think so.  I still enjoy it, regardless :)

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  1. What a sweetie Carson is! He truly enjoys all those experiences of learning that you offer him. He has filled your world with love and fun, and mine as well. Thank you again for sharing your life; I know it takes time and thought and energy to blog but please know it is greatly appreciated.