Monday, August 15, 2011

Friday-Fun Day

Carson and I have so much fun on Fridays when we are both together.  There are some days when our schedule is jammed pack, and we are on the run all day, and then others---when we are home all day.  We both enjoy either kind of day.  Last Friday was the stay-at-home kind of day.  We hung out most of the day, went to the park, and just soaked each other up.  Carson was busy, all day.  He was busy with.......

....taking clothes out of his dresser.

....reading books (he has an eye for Dr. Seuss books.  Seriously...he can spot one even when his room floor is chuck full of 100 other books.  He will always choose a Dr. Seuss one) 

....riding his giraffe bike

....being super happy, and full of energy

....and taking the flaps off of his diapers.  Which, wouldn't be so bad, until he rips the flap off, which results in us unable to use the diaper all together.

This little bundle of all boy is pure joy these days.  He is starting to develop quite the personality, which is combined with an attitude.  And, he is starting to bite.  Like, a lot.  We are working on all of the above.  But, he is still as sweet as can be. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. My hearty laugh for the day . . Carson reading his favorite Dr Seuss book . . upside down-and so seriously, too. What a lot of joy that wee lad brings to an old woman many miles away. Thanks, Ang.