Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daddy's Boots

Daddy's boots are very irresistible to this little one of ours.  Every night, when Carl is getting ready for work, that is Carson's cue to chime in, and help out.  He goes to the door, and gets Daddy's boots for him.  Carson puts them on, and tries to walk in them to Dad.  It is a pretty funny sight to see, actually.  These boots are heavy, and steel toe.  I am going to guess that they don't weigh much less than our Wee Lad's body itself.  But, he is extremely determined, and will try and get the job done.  If he puts his mind to something, he will accomplish it.  I am having a love/hate relationship with that statement. Ha.

This little one has a way about putting a smile on my face constantly.  It could be something as simple as wearing his Daddy's boots, and it gets me every time.  He is such a charmer, to say the least.

1 comment:

  1. Are those your Wee Lad's socks laying on the floor beside him? Don't the shoes fit if he has his socks on? I imagine he tries to walk and then falls down on his rump as the picture shows. You are a good Mommy to let him explore and learn. Thanks again for sharing.