Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Natalie Lynn

This weekend, I became an Aunt.  A name that I have been given, and have gone by for a few years now, but this weekend, it took on a whole new meaning, and feeling.  Obviously I am an Aunt to 5 other darling little kiddos.  They are my nieces and nephews.  But, when my own sister had a baby, and dishes out the name Aunt Angie, it hit me hard.

I got the call this weekend.  The call that I have been impatiently waiting for, for 9 months now.  It was 5:55 AM on Saturday morning.  I hadn't slept all night, because I was too anxious.  I was so excited to hear the news, that I was constantly waking up, checking my phone.  My sister was induced on Friday morning, so I had high hopes that I would get the call on Friday.  I was shoving reality aside, and was hoping for a call that afternoon.  That obviously didn't happen, so I went to bed late that night.  When I got the call early that morning, I rushed to get ready, scooped up my little Monster from his bed, and we were hospital bound.  I was dieing to meet this little princess.

It was a long drive to Waterloo.  I couldn't get there fast enough.  It's about a 40 minute drive, that I was hoping to make in about 10 minutes.  That is obviously not possible, but I was sure wishing it was. We made a pit stop and got flowers for Aunt DiDi, to hand deliver to her, for a job well done.  And as a congrats on her baby girl.  We finally arrived at the hospital, unloaded the van, and were headed inside.  Carson's strides are small, and it took us forever to get to the room.  By the time we got there, my nerves of excitement were hardly contained.  I was so excited to hold this little girl.  My Niece

I was so eager to see what she looked like.  And, she is nothing shy of beautiful.  I instantly fell in love with this little girl.  There is something about a brand new baby that makes my heart melt.  I stared at her, and was just in awe of this little soul.  This little creation from God.  What a wonderful creator he is, and how he has blessed our family with this little girl.  Carl joked with me, and said..."Now remember, you can't take her home.  She is not yours!"  I laughed, but he was right....I would have been very happy with taking her home.  She is that precious.

Natalie has a full head of dark hair, a perfect little body, long skinny fingers, and long skinny feet.  She was born at 2:35AM on Saturday, August 20th, weighed 9 pounds, 1.5 ounces, and was 21 inches long.  She has a dark, pretty complexion to her skin, that compliments her dark hair so nicely.  I would consider her a very calm baby, and only fusses on occasion.  The basic--burp, gas, or dirty diaper fuss.  Other than that, she was content as can be in my arms.  And, I was on cloud 9.

Carson checking out his new baby cousin for the first time.  He didn't really want much to do with her, but gave her a little smirk of approval.  She is a keeper, that's for sure!

 The "girls" in our family.

This would be our attempt at getting a family picture with Natalie.  Pretty good, huh?  HA.  Makes me laugh every time I look at it.

She seems to be a great sleeper, and is really proving herself to be a wonderful baby in all aspects.  I talked with Diane this morning, and she said the first night at home was great. Natalie was only up once for a feeding.  Now that, is wonderful!  I don't want to jinx myself, or them, but I think they have a wonderful sleeper on their hands!

I am already looking forward to the next time I get to lay my eyes on her, and my arms around this brand new baby.  2 days, to be exact.  Maybe hours, if I decide to drive and see her. 

My sister has now officially taken on the title "Mom"...a title that is truly astonishing.  She will make a wonderful Mother, as she has already proven herself so.

A huge Congratulations to her and Nathan on this amazing little soul that they have been blessed with to raise.  Welcome to parenthood.  It's an incredible club to be a part of, and you guys will fit in perfectly.  You guys will be outstanding parents.

Natalie Lynn, you are an amazing little girl, and I love you dearly.  You have a Monster of a Cousin, Carson....who is very exited to show you the ropes.  Much love sent your way from the Brouwers!  

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  1. That's an endearing write. I, too, was checking my phone all night wondering what was happening. Something someone told me or I read has stuck in my dimented mind..Bringing a baby into the world is the only miracle God needs help with. And don't we love those little miracles!!