Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cat Whisperer

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it....I am sure.  Carson is in love with cats.  On Sunday afternoon, we headed to the Kalkwarf's house, and they have a bunch of cats.  As in, they are reproducing by the dozen.  I think every time we go out there, we are directed to the new litter of kittens that have been born. 

Carson is usually really good with cats, and animals in general.  But, he is a boy, and his excitement sometimes gets the best of him.  His nerves take over, resulting in his hands becoming very busy.  He usually ends up with a wad of cat hair in his hand, while dragging a cat by their back legs.  All the while having a smile from ear to ear displayed across his precious face.  He is in his element when he is around animals.  His eyes say it all, and he truly enjoys himself. 

I will say one thing, though.  These cats must not mind his behavior too much, because they constantly went back for more.  I think Carson is a cat whisperer.  They flock to him, and he hauls them around by their legs, or tails.  I want to give the cats a heads up, and let them know to stay clear of the little monster, and they will thank me later that little tid-bit of information.  But, they apparently like the attention.  Or they are just not smart. 

Our little monster is also a really good multi-tasker these days.  Pretty impressive, huh?!  Hehe.  This little one always has a way of putting a smile on my face.  He is so creative, and funny, and brightens up my day within seconds. 

This smile, that is usually equipped with the cutest giggle, is completely to die for.  It is contagious, truly. 

I am going to end with this beautiful picture.  Carl is in love with the sky, so I decided to take a few shots one night.  And, I am so glad that I did.  God's masterpiece, which is absolutely gorgeous. 

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  1. It blesses my heart, Ang, that you are enjoying all the gifts and beauty that have been given you. The pictures you snap show your creativity; I especially like the close ups in this segment. And how do you catch Carson in those spur-of-the-moments like "multi-tasking"-Is your camera attached to your arm? Great fun for me to see your lives in print!