Friday, September 7, 2012

Parkersburg Days

A couple weekends ago, we got the opportunity to check another thing off our "Summer List!"  We attended the annual Parkersburg Days celebration, and had a lot of fun!

The parade is always so fun, and is usually really good for being a small town parade.  And the best part?  Candy!

We sat by my good friend Carrie, and her daughter Tinley.

Unfortunately, Carson got scared about 2 minutes into the parade.  This gigantic bowling pin came walking towards us, and Carson ran and hid behind the tree.  I will admit though--it wasn't the most kid-friendly costume.  It was windy out, the big bowling pin was on the verge of blowing over, and sort of made a leery "blowing-stomping" noise with every step the person made.  Carson didn't move much from his Daddy's lap the rest of the parade.  He still enjoyed a few pieces of candy that he got brave enough to dart after, and returned back to "home base" which was his Daddy's lap.

After the parade we headed down to the park, and enjoyed some food and music.  It's a lot of fun to see and talk with people that we don't see often.  I love to hear about everyone's Summer, and talk to the little ones that are waiting for school to start with much anticipation.

There was also face painting going on, but Carson didn't care to partake in this activity.  We did get the chance to see Kendra and Kennedy all decked out with their cheeks painted.  How fun!

We have had a lot of fun things checked off our Summer List this year, and I am really enjoying looking at the pictures, and thinking of the memories we have been making.  Summer 2012 has certainly been proving itself to be a great one for our family! 

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  1. Cute pictures of awful cute kids!! Even though the bowling pin has a smiley face I'm certain he scared other children just from his size alone - and the bouncing thing. Ang, I still chuckle when I think of Carson stuck against the fence with his tractor and waiting patiently (for a long time) for someone to come and help him. He's a gem that's for sure.