Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My boys.....

I seriously can't get enough of these boys.  They are my everything.  They are all so precious to me.

But seriously---trying to get a "good" picture of the 3 of them?  Next to impossible!  Please pray for me when we have family pictures this Fall.  I will more than likely be a stressed out hot mess.  But in all honesty---these are my favorite pictures.  It show exactly what our life is like right now, and I can guarantee you I will miss this someday.  So, I will embrace the imperfect family pictures, and laugh at these.  I can't help but laugh! 

A little run down of our little photo shoot......

......this would be Carson wanting to hold Weston, and trying to crab his arm at the same time.  Daddy tries to swoop in and stop the madness.

.....Carl listens to the crazy lady behind the camera by looking and smiling.  The rest of the boys haven't caught on yet.

......Carl is worried about Carson's books, Carson thinks there is something on TV that is far more interesting then looking at Mom, and I am sure Weston is trying his best to sit straight up.  That is what he does these days---jumps out of your arms to sit up.   

.....this picture is my favorite.  Carl has had it with telling Carson to be nice to Weston, and decides that he should just hold both boys.  The transition is always the hardest part :)

.....the handsome hubby listens to me.  Carson is doing something crazy--like always, and Weston has fixed his eyes on the TV. 

.....and whatever was on TV that captured the boys' attention, has now gotten to Carl. 

.....let's just ignore mama all together, and read a book. 

......Carl and Weston are very interested in whatever is on TV.  Carson is trying to attack Weston, while Carl tries his best to not let it happen.  

.......Aaaaand, we are done with this photo gig!  

Out of all of those pictures, I couldn't find a single ONE that had everyone looking.  I didn't even care if they were smiling!  Haha.  Life with a hubby, a toddler, and an infant.  Ohhh, I love it so much :)

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  1. Delightful commentary! Very very good blog, Ang, I was anticipating each picture as it was coming forth.