Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Princess is ONE

My dearest little niece Natalie, turned ONE!  I still can't believe that a year ago, I was awe struck by her perfect little body, and instantly fell in love with this little girl.  I was having baby fever big time, and she came at the perfect time.  Carl and I also found out a week after she was born, that we were pregnant with Weston!

Natalie is so precious.  She is walking, starting to talk, and it is so fun to watch her grow.  She has the cutest personality, little curls to go with her attitude, and is busy as can be.  (The picture below makes me laugh everytime.  This is her..."I'm ONE" pose! Haha.)

Her birthday party was nothing shy of amazing.  My Sister is her Mother, after all, and she did not disappoint.  There were details galore, a bounce house for the kids, a bags game, kick ball, party favors to take home, a cupcake decorating station, and great food.

It was so much fun to take it all in.  I could sit and watch little ones play all day.  I am a people watcher, and it truly fascinates me.  Carson had so much fun in the bounce house, and was reminded (repetatively) to be nice to the smaller children.  Weston was along for the ride, and the Baby Bjorn has been a life saver these days!  He loves that thing, and I love having him pressed against my chest at all times.

Natalie had fun playing around with her little cake.  It was such a joy to watch her devour it, eat it, and add a little frosting to her hair :)

Now that Natalie can walk, her and Carson are having a lot of fun playing together.  Carson sometimes struggles with sharing, and being nice, but we are working on that very hard.  He always asks where "Natty" is, and it makes my heart smile knowing he will be growing up with her.  It is so much fun to see them interact, and I know as they both grow older, it will become even more fun.

Happy Birthday Natalie!  I can't wait to do your hair, make-up, play dress up, have tea parties, get pedicures, etc...with you someday.  Hey-- I only have boys, so I get to live through you when it comes to the "girly" things :)  You truly are the sweetest little "cupcake."  We love you so very much, and I thank the Lord for blessing our family with YOU! 

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  1. Looks like a fun party! And I think Natalie enjoyed it as much as anyone, as it should be.