Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun with Paint

I'm a little behind on this blog when it comes to our Summer activities.  I am trying my best to catch up!

This Summer delivered some major heat.  I am talkin', 100+ degree temps for numerous days in a row, with very little relief.  With an infant in the house, we felt like one of us were grounded inside for most evenings.  Carson really likes it when Dad and Mama join him outside, so it made for a disappointed toddler at times.  So, we tried our best to come up with creative things to do inside.

I pick the boys up from daycare every evening after work, and I walked into the house with a trying two year old.  I think Daddy must have known this before we even got home, because he came to the rescue.  He had a little painting station all set up, and ready for Carson to dig right in.  (Please ignore the fact that my child has his shirt on backwards.  He likes to dress himself, and sometimes I choose not to fight him with turning it around.  You pick your battles, right!? Ha.)

He had so much fun painting a little masterpiece.  He and Carl sat and painted for a long time, and Carson displayed the biggest smile the whole time.

Thanks to Daddy for his help on this inside activity!  I am constantly telling him to rack his brain for more indoor fun for when the Winter months hit.  Hopefully he will deliver some good ones to add to my already long list.  But, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!  We love trying new things :)

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  1. You can just see the learning experience reflected on Carson's face. Great job, Ang, getting the sequence of pictures AND the great memory of that other learning experience of dressing as a 3 yr. old. The backward shirt is pricelss!