Wednesday, September 5, 2012

4 Months

We now have a 4 month old in our house.  Are you saying "Saaay whaaaat?!" to that as well?  Yeah, me too.  It doesn't seem possible, but tis true.

Our little chunker of a Wee Lad is such a joy to have around.  I can't even imagine or fathom what life was before he entered this big world.

Weston is always so happy, and has the sweetest smile.  His coo is to die for, and his giggle is enough to make you cry happy tears.

I told Carl the other day that if I was asked what my dream job would be, I would respond with:  Kissing Weston's (or a babe's) cheeks all day.  Every day.  Seriously, Weston's cheeks are so kissable.  I think I felt the need to say that to my beloved after he told me to cool it on the lipstick kisses on his cheeks.  They are that irresistible.

Ok, onto some stats.  Which, are super fun to look back on for myself, and to do a little comparing to his older brother.  Who, by the way, still doesn't understand the cocept that Weston is little.  LITTLE, Carson- Weston is LITTLE!!!  "Please leave Weston alone, get off his back!, do not break his arm, do not throw a ball at his face, do not drag him by his feet, PLEASE do not step on his belly! (please makes raising your voice sound a little more pleasant, right?! Ha.) do not scratch him, and please don't kick the poor child" Are all things that we say a lot 'round these parts.  It's amazing this child doesn't have any major wounds.  But in all honesty, Carson loves his little brother dearly.  (Check out the picture below.  Carson's face is scary mischevious, and I am pretty sure he is pinching Weston---you just can't see it.  Oh yeah, add "please don't pinch Weston!" to the list of things we say to Carson regularly.  Ha.)

-Weight:  At his 4 month doctor appointment, he weighed in at 15 pounds, 8 ounces.  Which is 63% on the charts.
-How much is he eating now:  He is still eating 5 ounces every 3 hours.  Our pediatrician told us at his appointment that we could start feeding him cereal if we wanted to.  So, I tried.  And, only because I was so eager to start feeding him with a spoon.  I don't really feel like he needs anything extra, and I definitely feel that he gets full off of his formula---especially since he is still drinking only 5 ounces.  But, I just absolutely love feeding little ones baby food and cereal.  I never got to do any of that with Carson, because he refused both, so I am so excited to start with Weston.  I think we may continue to try with cereal a few times, and see if he gets the hang of it.  Otherwise I will wait until the 6 month marker, and start with baby food.  I will let Weston let us know when he is ready.  HE is in charge, afterwall.  Oh, and isn't that an understatment :)  I love it! 

-Size of diapers: Size 2
-How long does he sleep at night:  He goes to bed about 8:00-8:30 at night, and sleeps until about 6:00-6:30 in the morning.  That is IF he doesn't feel like he needs a little pick-me-up in the middle of the night, and needs to be fed.  Which has been every night lately.  He wakes up about 4:00 (all smiles, may I add) and wants a bottle.  He does go right back to sleep afterwards, so that's nice.
-What size of clothes is he in:  He is still wearing some of his 3 month things, otherwise he has moved up to the 6 month clothing.   
-Facial Expressions:  This little character of ours is full of some fun facial expressions.  I abosolutely love his little "flirt" look---it is my favorite!

-Learned anything new this month:  Weston's hand/eye coordination is so good, and he loves pulling things to his mouth---to suck on, of course.  That is where everything goes these days....straight to his mouth.  He is a rolling machine, and also scoots (on his back-somehow, someway) around the room.  I will lay him on the floor on a blanket, tend to Carson for 1 minute, and come back to find Weston off the blanket!   He also still loves to stand--he is so strong!  I absolutely love baby rolls.  They are so adorable! 

-Is Weston a good traveler:  He has his moments in the car.  Sometimes he will fall asleep instantly making the car ride so nice and peaceful.  (Ok, well--maybe not peaceful with his big bro constantly talking, but at least peaceful in the aspect of Weston not screaming his head off.)  And other times a trip to Cedar Falls (30 minutes) is horrible! 
-Did Weston celebrate any holidays this past month:  No big holidays this past month.  Up next: Halloween, and a Big Brother's THIRD Birthday.  What?  Did I seriously just type that?!  I can't believe we are about to have a 3 year old.  Not to mention---we need to get going on planning his party.  We will more than likely wait until the last minute, because I am a procrastinator like that.  I swear I work better under pressure.  Ahem. 
-Recognize anyone new:  Weston loves it when people talk to him.  His eyes light up when he hears his Daddy's, or Mama's voice....and that makes my day! 

-Anything else:  Weston has been a little stuffed up lately, but it hasn't put a damper on his attitude one bit!  I had never used one of those "sucker" things on Carson, but Weston was so full of snot, that I felt the need to use one.  He actually didn't mind it at all, and I think he may actually be thanking me for shoving something up his nose. :)  Carl is super grossed out by them.  He makes me laugh---a lot of things gross him out.  Anyway--Big Brother felt the need to "Hemmy" (that means help me. which it should actually be help you, but you get it.  Ha.  i seriously am in love with Carson's language!) and took it upon himself to shove this "sucker" thing up Weston's nose.  I had the camera right there, and good thing.  I captured the moment, and can't help but laugh.  This is a pretty typical look that Weston has plastered across his face anytime that he hears or sees Carson around.  I would too.  I don't blame the little guy.  But, I AM convinced they will be the best of friends in a few years :)
Our dearest little Weston is so much fun to have around.  He is such a good baby, and is very content (most of the time)  He has a few favorite toys--the crinkly block in particular--that he really enjoys playing with.  We are also finding that he doesn't like to miss out on the action.  If there is noise, and people around, he would rather skip a nap, or miss bedtime to assure that he doesn't miss anything. 

Our family is so blessed to have little W.  He makes my day with just one look.  We love him so much, and couldn't imagine life without his beaming smile.

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  1. I now know exactly what your life is like with your adorable 4 month old and the other attraction at your house named Carson. These pictures are great close-ups and make me feel I can reach right out and touch the rolls and wrinkles and chubby cheeks through the computer screen. Love it, love it, love it :-)