Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 35

Last Friday marked 35 weeks for us in this pregnancy.  It seems so crazy to think that this little guy will be here very soon, and yet it seems like it has taken forever.  My nerves of excitement are truly getting the best of me these days, and it is getting very hard to be patient while waiting for him! 

My weeks are getting rather long, and I am really feeling like my body is telling me it's "done" with this stage.  But, we continue to plug away, and each day that comes and goes, is one more day closer to meeting this precious gem.  And that is enough to keep me going. 

I am currently still taking my medication to stop my contractions, but I am only taking it as needed, opposed to every 4-6 hours.  I usually take about 2-3 pills a day.  I will continue to take them through next week, and then stop taking them, and see what happens.  I still have a feeling that I will be pregnant up until my due date.  Just because that's my luck :)

Carl and I are getting very anxious to meet this little guy, and continue to talk about how things will be with 2 wee lads in the house.  It all boils down to pure excitement.

This week's gift came from my Mom, who knows just what I could use right about now!  A body pillow!  There was also some wipes, and aloe vera gel, which were documented in the information about what is going on in my body this week.  But the body pillow?  Oh, it's heavenly!  Thanks for the wonderful gift, Frannie.

35 Weeks, 4 Days

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  1. Keep the Faith, Dear. You'll make it. The wonderful thing about time is: it just doesn't stop. Everyting keeps moving forward to the finish line.