Monday, April 2, 2012

Act of Kindness

A few Saturdays ago, Carl and I were talking, and somehow our mailman got brought into the conversation.  Maybe he was making a delivery, or stopping by to drop off our mail with a wave....I don't quite remember how it got brought up.  But he did.  That got us to thinking, and discussing about how being a mailman is such a crucial job, if you think about it.  And they do it without a lot of recognition, I am sure.
That got us to thinking, and we were wondering what we could do to thank him.  Our mailman is really good to us, and makes deliveries to our door, writes notes in our mailbox if there is something in our garage, even though he legally doesn't have to do those things.  Legally he doesn't have to leave his car, and yet he does--to make it easier for us.  Because let's face it, making a trip to the post office to pick up a package can sometimes be a pain in the butt.

He delivers our mail 6 days a week, regardless of the weather.  Rain, shine, sleet, snow, blizzard, thunderstorm....we get our mail.  That is pretty amazing, really.
So, Carl and I thought maybe we would brighten his day, and buy him some Girl Scout Cookies.  Because, if everyone is completely honest.....who doesn't love Girl Scout Cookies, right?! 

I bought some 'thin mints' and 'thanks a lot' cookies.  I thought both kinds would be appropriate for him.

In our little thank you note, we wrote...."Thanks a lot for your Wonderful Service!  We mint to tell you a long time ago! Drive Safe!"

Carl and I were both so excited to get our mail that day, and for him to pick up his package.  He left a little note back that said..."Thanks for the cookies, much appreciated!"

I am so glad that he appreciated the cookies, and we are hoping it brightened his day.  And it made us feel good knowing we were doing something nice for someone else.  A random act of kindness.  It can do wonders....for all parties involved!

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  1. That's a great idea! I don't think I even got a Christmas gift out to the mailbox for my delivery person last year. Bummer. But I'll take a cue from the younger generation and do a "random act of kindness". Carson looks like he admires Girl Scout cookies.