Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Our world has been rather up-side down the last few days, but we are slowly sinking back into our regular routine, and it feels good.

A little run down....... 

Last Wednesday, I stayed home from work, thinking I had the flu.  I wasn't feeling well, my stomach hurt, I had bad cramps all day long, and I felt like I had to vomit.  I finally called into my doctor that afternoon, and left a message.  The nurse called me back a few hours later, and asked me numerous questions.  She talked with my doctor, and they decided they wanted to see me...just to be on the safe side.  Carl had just picked Carson up from daycare, and Carson was ready to enjoy his evening outside with Dad and Mom.  Plans had changed, and we loaded him up, and headed to my Parents' house. 

We dropped Carson off at my Parents' house, and we were hospital bound.  I didn't really want to go, but wanted them to tell me everything was ok.  I was convinced we would be sent right back home, but to have some peace of mind was what I was looking forward to. 

We got to the hospital, got checked into room 361, and they hooked me up to the monitors to detect my contractions, and the baby's heart rate.  They also said I was dilated to a 1, which was ok at this point, and nothing to be concerned about. 

My contractions were about 1-1/2 minutes apart, and being in labor concerned Dr. Hamdi.  At 33-34 weeks pregnant, he wasn't ready for me to deliver a baby just yet.
After about an hour, the nurse came back in and was ready to deliver some excellent news.  She told us that we would more than likely be sent home that night with medication to stop the labor process that my body was going through.  But, that didn't happen.

The nurse checked me an hour later, and I was dilated to a 2.  That was a huge red flag.  Going from a 1 to a 2 in an hour at this stage in the pregnancy wasn't a good thing.  So, we were going to have to go with Plan B. 

Plan B consisted of a lot of different things.....all of which I wasn't a huge fan of.  But, I knew that the doctors and nurses know best.  Not to mention, I am carrying a little boy that I need to take care of, and do whatever I can to keep him healthy, and deliver him safely. 

So, our adventure at the hospital began.  And just a side note: I do not do well with all.

Lab came in, and drew my blood.  That was one needle poking experience that I had survived and it wasn't so bad.  If only I knew what was to come.  Ha.

The nurse came in to start my IV, as they needed to get me started on Penicillin, which would help stop my labor.  I remember from the only other IV I have ever had, that this was not fun.  It was painful, and I was dreading it.  But, I knew it needed to be done.  I tried my best to stay relaxed, but that got difficult.  It took 3 nurses, and 7 pokes later to get an IV that was successful!  By that point, I was in a lot of pain. 

Next up, more shots.  Since I was in pre-term labor, they needed to do two steroid shots, 24 hours apart, to help develop the baby's lungs- if he would by chance be making his appearance in the next week or so.  I saw the big needle, full of a cloudy liquid come into my room, and later felt it get injected into my hip/butt.  Thank goodness that was the last needle for the night!  But, knowing that the baby's lungs were getting stronger from this shot was a comforting feeling. 

They also started me on the oral medication that would help stop my contractions.  They gave me a double dose the first time, and the nasty side effects kicked right in.  I got really sick to my stomach, very dizzy, my face and body got very tingly feeling, and I started sweating.  The nurse re-assured me that these were all very common side effects.  This is also the medication that I got sent home with.  My body is getting better when I take the medication every 4 hours, but some of the times are worse than others. 

Dr. Hamdi came in to visit with me after everything had been done, and gave me some information about what was going on.  He said when I came in, my contractions were scary close together, and they needed to get my labor stopped.  They thought they could do that and send me home, but when I had changed from being dilated from 1 to a 2, that is when they needed to start the steroids for the baby's lungs, and they couldn't send me home.  He seemed very concerned, and wanted to do a lot of monitoring. 

Wednesday evening, he delivered the news that we would not be able to go home before Saturday morning.  That is when it hit me, and I wanted to cry.  I missed my little boy, and I missed being home.  But again, I knew I needed to be there, because it was best for the baby and myself. 

The next few days were long and boring in the hospital room.  We gazed out the window at the beautiful weather, but we unfortunately weren't able to enjoy it.  Carson stayed with Frannie, and came and visited a few times.  He doesn't like hospitals, and really doesn't like to see his Mom being the patient.  He wasn't himself, wasn't feeling very well, and it made me so sad.  To hear Carson say "Mommy Owie" in a sad voice made me break down. 

Thursday evening I got my 2nd shot of the steroid, and they would then have to monitor me for another 24 hours. 

Friday morning was a glorious day.  My IV was giving me A LOT of pain when it was time for an antibiotic, or for a flushing....which was every 4 hours, lasting about an hour.  My IV was in my right wrist, and it was so very painful.  But, on Friday morning they were able to take the IV out!  They thought it wasn't 100% effective anymore, and they were going to take it out, and risk having to put a new one in if that may have to happen.  Thankfully, I didn't need a new one. 

Friday I continued to get my oral medication every 4 hours to stop my contractions.  Everything was looking great, and I was getting excited to get home. 

Saturday morning we got the ok to go home.  I was checked again, and I hadn't changed, and was still dilated to a 2.  I was so excited to pick up Carson, who I was missing so much!  We headed to my parents' house, got our little Wee Lad, and were on our way home.  Woo hoo!

I am still on the antibiotic every 4 hours for my contractions.  I can really feel when the 4 hours have passed, because the contractions really kick in. 

I was very happy to hear from the nurse and doctor that I was not put on strict bed rest.  But, they did say I really need to take it easy, and don't go about my regular daily activities like I may want to.  Don't over-do it, and be very careful to rest, and sit down when needed.  This has proven itself to be a very difficult task.  I am trying my best though, as I know I need to take it easy for this little baby that is depending on me. 

We are praying that I can make it at least another week or two, if not more.  I know the Good Lord has been watching over us the last week, and He has taken care of us.  That is such a comforting feeling.

We are ready to get back to our "normal" or "regular" routine of things.  So, please continue to pray with us that all will be well, and that this baby is happy and healthy whenever he may arrive. 

My main goal for right now has been in effect since we arrived at the hospital Wednesday evening: Stay Pregnant :)

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  1. You have chronicled your experience very well, Ang. And I applaud your bravery. Take courage and fear not for we can pray and trust.