Monday, March 26, 2012

A Beautiful Sunday

I love Sundays, and all that it brings.  Our Sundays usually start off with a great service at Orchard Hill, and our little guy's new found comfort in the nursery.  I love it that he doesn't cry when I drop him off in the nursery anymore, because it was getting to be rather difficult on me.  Church is usually followed with a few errands, or lunch at my parents' house, or straight home to jump into our fun day together as a family.  Yesterday, we ran a few errands, and then ended at my parents' house for a wonderful grilled lunch.

We headed home in the afternoon, and it was far beyond Carson's nap time.  He fell asleep on the way home, so we tried to get him to sleep a little more before he was up for the afternoon, and a total bear for us all evening.  This is the sight I looked at for about 1/2 hour that afternoon.  These two have a special bond that melts my heart!

After nap time, it was outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Carl and Carson got right to work, and started raking the leaves in our yard.  Carson loved following his Daddy around, and was quite the helper.  Carl continuously said how he didn't think raking leaves could be so much fun, but with Carson around, it was! 

After they raked the leaves, they loaded them into the wheel barrel, and hauled them away to where Carl was later going to burn them.  Carson was having so much fun helping Dad!

I supervised for most of the day, and enjoyed watching my two boys have so much fun together.  Carson was beaming with a smile the entire time.  He loves to help Daddy, and be he was lovin' it all!  But, this is the view I get to enjoy these day......

For supper that evening, we decided to have a little picnic in our backyard.  It was so much fun!  Carl roasted hot dogs over the fire (over wood, not the leaves! Ha.) and we all hung out and enjoyed each other's company, and the beautiful weather!  I have a feeling we will be enjoying a lot of picnics in our backyard this year.  As a family of four, instead three.  Oh, I am so excited!

Carson found Daddy's pop, and thought he was pretty big stuff!  This was followed with a little grin, that is a pretty big indicator that he is up to no good.

And, I just couldn't resist a picture of Carson's back-side.  It's too cute to pass up, especially when he is standing still, and I can capture a picture real quick :)

What a wonderful Sunday that we all enjoyed together as a family!  We all had so much fun together.  I am excited for more gorgeous weather, and more days spent outside.  Feeling so thankful, and blessed for a wonderful Sunday. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your good Old-Fashioned Iowa Sunday of fun and family. How sweet it is!! for the pictures tell your story of love. I got a good giggle out of the belly/toes shot.