Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Pics

I have a few fun pictures that I have taken with my camera lately that I don't want to lose, and would love to share! 

This is one of my favorite pictures of Carson lately!  He is such a sweetheart, and this pictures shows it 100%.  I am so glad I was able to capture the moment.  We were out to eat, and Carson looked at Carl, grabbed his face, leaned over, and gave him a big kiss!  It was so sweet. 

This would be our Wee Lad showing off his mohawk after his nightly bath.  He is too stinkin' cute!

Carson is a huge fan of wearing next to nothing these days.  Slightly annoying?  Possibly, yes :)  Hey, at least he still has his diaper on, because a lot most times that isn't even on.  And a diaper paired with some cute Spongebob slippers, and a smile that will melt your heart......equals one cute picture!

Happy Weekend!  Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.  We are enjoying a weekend at home, doing some major cleaning, organizing, and sorting.  And boy does it feel good :) 

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  1. Angie, I am so glad you delight in those sweet times with Carson and seize the moments with a snapshot. You have the privilege of rearing a dear little boy.