Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung in our house, and it makes me so happy.  I think each year I forget just how much I long for Spring, the fun vibrant colors, and the change of scenery that a holiday or new Season brings.  And with that, comes new decor in our house.
These are just a few things that greet us each day, and remind us of the beautiful Season that is upon us.

These pretty little flowers that decided to pop through while we were away for a few days.  They are pretty, scream Spring, and to be honest with you....I didn't even know they existed in our back yard.  What a fun surprise, especially in the middle of March!  Hello, are welcome here, please stick around for a while.

The lovely, vibrant and colorful outdoor rug that makes me smile.  Not to mention the furniture that is out to stay, and will get used a lot in the near future.  Evenings outside, sitting on the deck, watching Carson play in the backyard await for us.  And we will soon deliver such task.  Very soon.

The Easter decor that makes for such a wonderful table center piece.  And the picture frame that serves as a dry-erase board.  It has a "Verse of the Day" written on it daily (or at least I try to keep up!) and it is a great daily reminder of the Lord's word.

This lovely little plant, accompanied by the cute little white picket fence as a base.  This was brought to us in the hospital from Grandma Brouwer (Thanks, Mary!) and it is now sitting in our kitchen.  I just hope I can keep this thing alive.  I do not have a green all.  Carl, and the rest of my family, has bets as to how long I can keep it alive.  Carl says he is being very generous and giving me until June.  My Sister didn't even think it would make it home, and would be forgotten at the hospital, and my Mom just laughs.  So, I hope I can work some magic with this plant, and keep it alive. It is so fun, and I love the little white fence! But I am sure it will have to visit Di's house sooner than later if it has the smallest chance of staying alive.  We shall see, though.  Maybe, just maybe, I can do this.  I have watered it once already!  Carl was so shocked.  I am making baby steps :)

Carson's masterpiece.  Frannie brought over some fun window clings that she thought Carson would enjoy playing with.  And she was so very right!  This is the current view of our sliding glass door.  I love how it screams "a 2 year old did this all. by. himself!"  He has enjoyed taking them into the different rooms, and putting them on the mirrors as well.  Our entire house is flooded with Easter clings, and I will not object!

And, this lovely Yellow wreath that is hanging on our front door, ready to greet our guests.  I know it is Spring/Summer time when this wreath gets dug out of storage.  It is what hangs on our door, and follows the "Winter Welcome" sign.  Because Winter, in fact, is no longer Welcome.  Spring, on the other hand, is!  Ahhh, what a refreshing feeling.

We are excited for all that Spring is going to bring in the very near future for our family!  Easter, and all the fun activities that come with the special holiday, followed with a new life.  Just to name a few. 

Happy Spring!

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  1. Omigosh! You even inspired me to go out and purchase a Spring flower for my table. Happy Spring to you, too