Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 37

As of last Friday, we hit the 37 week mark!  And boy does it feel good.

The weeks are dragging (of course, right?) but we are plugging away.  He will be here before we know it.....I am sure of that! 

I have been doing some major "nesting" lately, and trying to get our house as prepared as possible.  The bottles are cleaned, his bag is packed, the boys' closet is slowly getting organized, and I have his new "cradle" swing ordered, and on it's way! 

Carl and I discuss, on a daily basis, of how anxious we are getting for this little guy to arrive.  We are so excited for everything baby, and to see what Carson thinks of his baby brother.  We are trying to do as much preparing with him as possible, and we hope the outcome is a success.

We are down to counting the number of days left until our youngest Wee Lad arrives!  I am getting so anxious to meet this precious little boy.

37 Weeks, 4 Days


  1. Hip hip hooray! Time is drawing nigh. But I have no idea what a cradle swing is so you'll have to educate me when I visit. Stay safe and healthy and take some time to nap/rest.

  2. Thanks for the snapshots on your Easter at the Rausch's; always a good time there, isn't it.