Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter, Round 2

We had such a lovely Easter, gathered with Family and Friends on the Saturday night before Easter.  We all gathered at my parents' house, and celebrated a Wonderful holiday.

There was an abundance amount of delicious food, as always, and a super fun Easter egg hunt!  This year, my Mom and neighbor friend, Kirsten, put on a stellar scavenger hunt that had everyone running around the yard, enjoying themselves.  The guys even really got into this one---that's when you know it was a big success, right?

There were four teams, and each team had a color.  They started out with a clue, and that was the start of the game.  After they found the first clue, that would lead them to the next, and so on.  At each destination spot, there was a prize for their team color, and a clue to where they were to look next.  Along with the clues, each team was to find 12 Easter eggs hidden throughout the yard, in their team color.  Well, unless you are like Carson, and he was just finding any and all eggs he could find.  He was yellow, but I saw a few other colored eggs in his hands.  But he was having so much fun!

I think each team member enjoyed themselves, and us ladies stood around and cheered our teammates on.  There was a lot of thought and time put into the game, and it was so much fun for everyone!

This would be Chris trying to figure out which clue he was missing.  He was pretty serious about this scavenger hunt game.

After the egg hunt, we were onto dessert.  Diane made a cute little Easter bunny cake, that was wishing Chris and myself a Happy Birthday.  You see, in my 25 years of life, I don't think I have ever had my own birthday.  But that's ok, celebrating with a brother isn't so bad :)

What a Wonderful way to kick-off our Easter weekend!

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