Monday, May 16, 2011

Outdoor Fun

Carson and I enjoyed a wonderful evening outside tonight.  We had a lot of fun, as the weather was gorgeous. 

Carson really enjoys the swing.....

.......his Police car

And, he also really enjoys the slide in our backyard.  He gets all excited in anticipation for a fast ride down, which results in a butt landing every time.  He giggles, and does it all over again.

The weather sounds like it is going to be perfect outdoor weather all week!  After the soggy weekend, that is wonderful news to hear.  I foresee a lot of nights being spent outside with the Wee Lad. 

In weekend news........

Carson has sooo many facial expressions.  He is always making us laugh with the different faces he makes.  His latest is this.  Such a character! 

Carson is also obsessed with mocking his Daddy's every move.  It is crazy, because he literally will do anything, and everything Carl does.  Carson can now open the doors around the house.  Carl and I have come to the conclusion that handles may not have been our best purchase....we probably should have gone with knobs!  So, Carson can now get into the bathroom, even when we shut the door after ourselves.  The other morning Carson helped himself into the bathroom while Carl was showering, and was continuously flushing the toilet, as Carl was yelling because his feet were burning from the water getting so hot from the toilet flushing!  Oh gosh, I was laughing so hard.  Carson watched Carl flush the toilet, so he had to do it too!  I bet Carl locks the door after himself from now on!  hehe.  And, Carl also scratches his head a lot.  So, what does Carson do?  He has to scratch his head, too!  It is too funny to watch him do this.  He gets his one little finger out, and starts scratching his head. 

Another thing Carson likes to mock is how we wipe Tucker's paws with the rag.  He used to grab the rag, and wipe his back off.  But now, he gets serious.  He will take the rag, and wipe off every single paw, just like we do.  We just watch in amazement, as he does it very diligently. 

(I think that Tucker looks mad in this he is giving me "the look."  I am pretty sure he dreads Carson's every move.  I am telling you....he is very tolerable!  ha.)

I will leave you with this picture.  What a cheeseball!  Such a cutie.  Oh how our dearest Wee Lad is growing up so quickly.  And, we are loving every minute!

Happy Monday!

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  1. What a fun fun funny Wee Lad you have on your hands. And such brilliance! Wiping the dogs paws is a classic and look how intent he is doing it. Give him an extra smooch for me today. I love him.