Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Neat & Tidy Boy

Carson seems to be a very neat and tidy boy, at most times.  He likes to put things back, pick things up, and help clean.

I have mentioned before that he enjoys playing with the swiffer.  And, his latest obsession is the broom.  Recently he has helped Frannie sweep out the garage, and came home and helped us do the same!  He is actually very good at maneuvering the big thing, and knows exactly what to do.  And, after he is finished with it, he will put it back right where he got it from.  But, tonight, he had a minor meltdown because I wouldn't let him bring the big garage broom in the house!  So, I went and got him the broom that we use inside, and he seemed to be fine with that compromise.  He even took that broom outside, and swept the grass.  He is just a silly little boy!

And, as Carson may be neat and tidy in the area of picking up after himself, he is still a messy boy through and through!  Daddy let him dip his chip.  He decided to really dip that chip!

And, to conclude.  We are proud owners of a new minivan!  I am completely in love with it.  It is so convenient, and we are really enjoying it.  I am very pleased, and happy with our decision!

Carl says this is my Mother's Day gift.  I would say I made out pretty darn well for Mother's Day!!  I have a wonderful hubby. 

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  1. Now you can take family journeys-pack your sweet mini-van and away you go....to Indy! I love love love the picture of Carson looking at his chip oblivious to the mess on his mouth. I'd like to give him a squish this morning; please do that for me when he gets up. Thanks.