Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

We had an amazing weekend at home....all 3 of us!  The weather was beautiful, and we savored the great outdoors.  Carson got some play time on his 4-wheeler, and was running into just about everything outside.  From the fence, to trees, to the deck---he was all over the place!  Carson really enjoys being outside, and we love to be out there with him. 

...........he really gets into his driving, and is very dramatic about it!  haha.

I think little guys with baggy shorts, with their bellies exposed, is just too cute for words! 

........he likes to undress himself these days.  After the shorts, comes the diaper.  And so it begins! ha.

.............and the drool is back in full force!  We go through numerous shirts a day.

Mother's Day was wonderful this year.  I spent the entire day, from 5:00AM to bed time, with both of my boys.  And, it was such an enjoyable day.  I absolutely love family time with our little family, and we always have so much fun together.

I woke up to the most adorable little face, who dishes out hugs and kisses....which are completely to die for.  And, the best music to a Mama's ears....Carl and Carson giggling in bed together, making each other laugh, and just enjoying a beautiful morning.

My day started out with breakfast that my amazing hubby made.  Scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, hashbrowns, and a glass of Simply Orange.  Yum!

And, a handmade card from Carson.  It is so cute, and I love it so much.  Carl had Carson make the card....with markers.  He later admitted that markers may not have been his smartest decision.  Carson was covered in marker.  The green marker added to his cute little pudgy fingers, and made them extra cute and colorful. 

For lunch, we went out to G&G Brouwer's house to spend time with Grandma Brouwer, and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.

Carson helped me make a cake to bring to Frannie's house for dessert.  He was a great help.  Well, kinda.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.....with or without the drool that may have landed in the bowl!  HA. :)

We headed to Frannie's house for supper, to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.  She is an amazing lady in our lives, and is such a wonderful Mother, and Frannie.  We spent some time together with family, and just hung out.  By the end of the day, I think we were all completetly stuffed.  But, that is one of the many joys that comes from holidays, or family get togethers.  Good Food.  Good Company.

By the end of the day, I think our little family was exhausted.  We were ready to head home, and start our nightly bedtime routine.  And, the best part?  Daddy was around to share the night time activities with us!

This little guy is the reason why I get to celebrate Mother's Day.  I am completely in love.  He is so special to me.  Mother's Day 2011 was a wonderful day.  Any time with family is amazing, and we cherish those moments dearly.

These are a few pictures from today.....compliments to Daddy.  They spent the day together, and I hear they had so much fun, and had a great day. 

Carson and Tucker are still good buddies.  Or, whatever you want to call it.  Tucker is very tolerable, let's just say that :)

Check out those toofers!  He doesn't show them very often, so I am always shocked to see how big they really are. 

Our little guy is growing up so quickly!  Too quickly, really.  Happy Monday.

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  1. The toofers picture should be on paper because that IS a KEEPER! It is so fun to see Carson's latest antics so thank you for sharing him through this resource. It is a special time of the day for me when I find you've spent energy and thought and posted a blog.