Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farm Boy

Carson and I visited Grandpa Mike just recently, and Carson got a little taste of the country life.  He was really shy, and timid at first, which doesn't surprise me.  But, after a while, he eventually warmed up to the surroundings, and started to explore.

I tried to take him into the tractor right when we got there, and he cried.  He didn't want to be anywhere near that big thing.  But, after a while, he finally decided that all those buttons inside the tractor cab were worth exploring.  Grandpa and Carson took off for a little ride.  They didn't go far, as I think Carson finally grasped onto the idea that they were driving away from Mom, but I think he had fun. 

And, I don't think that a trip to Grandpa Mike's would be complete without a little dessert.  Grandpa always seems to have some sort of chocolate or candy around.  Carson found some oreos in Grandpa's truck, and dove right in. 

It was a fun little field trip that we took, and hopefully we will be able to go back again soon.  Maybe the next time we go for a tractor ride, he will hop right in, and take off.  We will see.  Our little guy keeps us guessing all the time!

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