Thursday, February 12, 2015

32 Weeks

Tuesday marked 32 weeks with Baby Girl Brouwer!  I had my check-up yesterday, and all is going really well.  I now will be going every 2 weeks, which seems so crazy to me that we are at that point already.  He spoke the words of scheduling the C-Section, and I instantly got butterflies.  With each passing day, I get even more excited to see her squishy newborn face, and hold her tiny little body.

All seems to be really well, and she is getting stronger and more active by the day minute.  It is getting to the point of painful at times, but the reassurance is so comforting on many levels.

My cravings so far during this pregnancy: Honeycrisp Apples.  Not just any apple, I prefer Honeycrisp.  Which are the most expensive, yes, I realize this.  I may have been called an "apple snob" a time or two, but hey---it could be worse!  Also, gummy bears.  I have no idea why, or where that one came from.  And of course my always-never changing love for desserts.  I have tried to keep this to a minimum, and not go overboard just because I am pregnant......but I always love me a good chocolate dessert.  Some things will never change!

A difference this pregnancy compared to my other two:  an outie.  My bellybutton has now popped to an "outie" status, and I never had that with either of the boys!

A cute thing I need to document about this pregnancy is Carson's love for his little Sister already.  Every morning, the first thing he does is rub/hug my belly, and says...."Good morning baby."  And each day I pick him up from daycare or school, he does the same thing.  A few times he has done it, she has been very active, and he isn't a huge fan of feeling her--- but he loves and smothers her from the outside!  All of the boys in the house aren't a huge fan of "feeling" her movement much, and would rather just say hello from a distance when she has gone into "alien mode" as they like to call it.  Ha :)

I am still busy in her nursery, and trying to add some final touches to a few things.  I am seeking some help with decorating a certain wall, and working on making a little bunting with her name on it.  I have also been busy working on her bumper pad.  I have officially caught on to making the granny square, and I have about 8 done!!!  I am so happy, and thrilled----and I am absolutely in love with how they are turning out.  Lizzy is going to be making the trip to our house soon to help me crochet them all together, and then it will be placed in her crib!  I think it will add so much to the room, and I so excited to see the final product.

Stay tuned for an entire room reveal.  Every time I walk in her room, I fall in love all over again, and can't wait until I see her tiny little body being housed in there!

Here is to week 33!

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