Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weston Laughing like sweet music to this Mama's ears!  His giggle is contagious, and it brightens up my day instantly.

I am home today with my little W.  He has a fever, was up for multiple hours last night, has projectile vomited more times than I would like to count, is super stuffed up, and just cut his second tooth yesterday.  I am sure this is all due to teething, but I am embracing the opportunity to cuddle with my littlest man today.

So on this gloomy day, with not the best circumstances, I am posting this video for everyone to enjoy.  This is bound to brighten your day.  Consider it a ray of sunshine, because on day's like today, when the sun is hiding, we have to make our own.  And this is mine.

Without further ado.  (Sorry you have to tilt your head.  I need to remember to video horizontally next time!)

 Happy Thursday!

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  1. Little W's giggle is infectious. Hope he's feeling better after tooth #2.