Monday, May 14, 2012

A Wonderful April Weekend

I am really behind on blogging.  As in, about a month behind!  So, I am going to try and play some catch up. 

I love our weekends together as a family.  Some weekends are jam-packed full of scheduled events, and others are more relaxing, and we go with the flow.  This particular Saturday was a go-with-the-flow kind of Saturday.  And, one of the last ones as a family of 3!

That afternoon brought us out to G&G Brouwers house, where Carson was on Cloud 9 with the animals.  He loves all of them.  The chickens, bunnies, kitties, sheep, cow, dogs, turkeys, and the donkey.  Dumb-Dumb would be the donkey's name.  He loves to feed Dumb-Dumb some treats, and giggles as he takes it from his hand.  It is so darn cute to watch him feed the animals.

On Sunday we spend the day outside.  Carl was cleaning out the garage, and washing things down, and Carson is always right there.  He is Carl's magnet these days.  He is his shadow--literally.  And Carl constantly makes comments on how he loves that!  He is a Daddy's boy....for right now.  I am hoping I can win him back over soon :)  Ha. 
Carl was washing down the mower, our bike trailer, and the car.....and Carson followed suit--of course! 

I always do, and always will look forward to our weekends together!  It is truly something that keeps me going during the week.  Knowing I get to spend a few days with our little family is something I love and cherish!

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  1. Sweet memories! And it will always be endearing for you knowing that it was caught on "film".