Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weston's First Day at Home

On Monday, April 30th, our hospital stay was over, and we were on our way home.  We were both very eager to get home, and start our time together as a family of 4. 

We got home in the early afternoon on Monday, and we jumped right into our busy day.  We had visitors come over to meet Weston, unpacking and putting away to do, and Weston's first bath!  What a big day.

Great Grandpa and Grandma Sents stopped over to meet Weston the day we arrived home.

Mike, Monica, Jared and Cassi also stopped by to meet the precious little Weston.

Weston got his first bath from Frannie.  It is a tradition in our family, and I think it is so neat.  Carson was very concerned about Weston, and wanted to be in on the action as well.  He is very tentative to his little brother, and always wants to know what is going on.

We had some fun gifts that we came home with from the hospital that were displayed throughout our house, making a bold indication that we had a new little one in the family.  It was a constant reminder, which put a smile on my face every time I passed by it all. 

I also had a lot of fun with my camera, and taking pictures of the handsome little Weston.  It sure does make taking pictures fun and easy when you have such a cute subject! 

The first few days home were a little tough for me. I was rather immobile, and couldn't do all that I wanted to do. I was taking my pain medications very religiously, and around the clock to try and keep my pain under control. I couldn't lift Carson, which was probably the most difficult thing to hold back on. Carl ended up taking 2 weeks off of work, which was so nice! He was around to help with both of the boys, and was around during the evening hours.

I sure do love this little guy!  Welcome home, and welcome to our family, Weston.  You sure do fit right into this family, and you are such a good baby.  We are all so completely in love. 

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  1. I think Weston is well welcomed home. It looks like Frannie knows what she's doing with the washcloth, too.