Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baking Day

Last Saturday, my Sister hosted our 3rd Annual Holiday Baking Day.

It was another huge success, and we all had a lot of fun!  I had a little helper for some of the recipes, and that always makes things interesting :)  Carson is very good at stirring, but gets out of control some most times.  It is usually a guarantee that you will find flour surrounding his area, and this time, it included the floor.  He also helped me place the cookies in the little muffin tin compartments.  After placing a few balls, he then took it up a notch.  I feel like all boys do this, right?!  He then started to throw the balls, and see if he could hit one of the compartments in the tin.  A few "thuds" of the cookie dough ball later, and he usually scored.  When my cookies dough was gone, and I was ready to put the tin in the oven, I figured out I had some re-constructing to do.  The little pistol had been eating some of the cookie dough, and they no longer looked like balls!


And, in between helping me bake, Carson and Natalie were with their lovely Babysitter.....Frannie!  She was in charge of the kiddos for the day.  Natalie is always content as ever, and Carson is just plain busy. 


Check out all the amazing goodies that we made that day!  Everything was truly amazing.



Carson also found this dancing snowman to be rather entertaining.  He would turn it on and off about a hundred times, and then throw it on the floor.  He is a gentle little boy....most of the time :)

My Sister always does an amazing job hosting any sort of party.  We had an amazing lunch, and the boys joined us for supper.

It was a wonderful, and tiring day.  Now we have our plates of goodies to dish out to people.  The fun part of it all......sharing the love with others!

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  1. Great pictures that you've shared-almost like being there to experience "Baking Day." Are those candy cars with teddy bears driving them? Also, picture of Carson and Natalie nose to nose is giggle worthy.